Chapter 2623

Eliza closed the book in her hand. She asked, “Skyler, do you think we earn a lot of money through acting?”

“Isn’t that obvious? Other people would have to work half their lifetimes to earn the amount you earn by shooting a movie.” Skyler looked at Eliza speechlessly. “Do you know my monthly salary doesn’t even amount to a fraction of how much you earn in a month?”

“Oh, really? Then who do you think earns more between Shedrick and me?” Eliza asked again.

Skyler thought about it. Suddenly, she found it strange. “You’re not thinking of starting your own film company, right? Eliza, starting a company isn’t that easy. The competition in the film market is too competitive.”

“Skyler, I can give you a chance.” Eliza raised her eyebrows. She suddenly became very cold. “A chance for you to rise to the same level as Shedrick. However, the prior condition is that you have to promise me to always be loyal to me.”

Skyler’s mouth widened.

She wanted to ask if Lizzie was joking, but she knew t
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