Chapter 2751

Charity grabbed her leather bag and threw it hard at Manager Green’s face.

The fatty flesh on his face trembled from anger. He stretched his hand to hit her.

Suddenly, a strong hand reached around him from behind and gripped his wrist.

“You have a death wish…” When Manager Green turned his head, the person behind him threw a strong punch in his face.

Manager Green had a sturdy physique, standing at six feet tall and weighing 176 to 186 pounds. Even so, he flew three feet away from that punch.


Manager Green cursed and stood up. He glared at the person who punched him with a fierce expression.

Which b*stard dared to hit him? He would make that person pay.

However, Manager Green immediately grew timid when he saw the muscular and towering man in front of him clearly.

Although the young man in front of him was not as large as him, he had a feeling that he was not that guy’s opponent just by looking at his rolled-up sleeves, tightened muscles, and sharp gaze.

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