Chapter 2752

“This case will be submitted to court sooner or later. It still depends on the lawyer by then. Having said that, I have a lot of evidence at hand, so he’ll lose even if he gets a good lawyer,” Charity interrupted Max’s words.

Max sighed gloomily. “Fine. I couldn’t help much again.”

“Who said so? You saved me just now, didn’t you?” Charity said with a laugh, “Considering Manager Green’s physique, I definitely couldn’t have beaten him.”

At the mention of the issue, Max frowned guiltily. “It was because I allowed Steven to take a day off that Manager Green managed to take advantage of the situation.”

“This has nothing to do with you…”

“No, it’s all my fault.” Max’s gaze was crestfallen.

Charity blinked. Her eyes seemed to be able to see through him. “What do you want to do, then?”

“Let me compensate you with a set of clothes.” Max’s gaze was no longer crestfallen. “I’ll buy you clothes as an apology.”

Charity did a facepalm as she saw it coming. “No need…”

“No way. It’s a terribl
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goodnovel comment avatar
He is dead. That was his story.
goodnovel comment avatar
Soujanya Ketha
what happened to Liam, shaun's brother. his story has to end sadly. please bring him back

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