Chapter 2753

“Hah. You can come to the mall and eat with Catherine and the rest but not me?” Max clicked his tongue and asked, “Am I not your friend?”

“The thing is, you’re a man.” Charity smiled faintly. “I won’t mind unless you undergo sex reassignment surgery.”

Max was speechless for a while before giving her a thumbs-up. “I don’t think you’ve ever treated me as a man.”

It was Charity’s turn to be stunned.

Max looked as if he wanted to cry but could not. “I think you treat me as your female buddy.”


Charity was dumbfounded. All of a sudden, she had no idea what to say.

Deep down, she reflected on herself.

Had she been treating him that way?

“No. I treat you as my male buddy.” Charity picked up the cup in embarrassment, feeling the need to save her friendship that was at stake.

“If you’re not good at speaking, eat more fish. I heard fish can make one smarter.” Max took a big piece of fish for her.

Charity brutally stepped on his foot under the table.

After the meal, Max came out
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