Chapter 2755

Charity frowned. “Chester does know my identity, but we will never get back together.”

Max’s dull eyes suddenly lit up. “Are you serious?”

“How big of a heart do I need to get back together with Chester?” Charity asked.

Max touched his tall nose. “But didn’t you used to love him very much?”

“That was in the past. After we broke up, he got together with quite some women, and I’m not a trash can either.”

She was not a trash can that collected waste material.

The metaphor made Max laugh. “Chester isn’t a trash can, though. Many women dream of marrying him, but he just fools around with them.”

Casting aside Chester’s behavior, he was actually charming in many aspects. Firstly, he had a unique identity, and secondly, God gave him a flawless face and model-like physique. Even his medical skills were said to be the most outstanding in Australia.

In the face of such a love rival, as someone from a small town, Max felt inferior.

However, Charity did not agree with him entirely. “You’re
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