Chapter 2758

“I think so too. That’s very bold of Monte. Eliza isn’t someone to be taken lightly. Even Young Master Jewell got tricked by her.”

“Keep your voice down. Young Master Jewell is coming in a moment.”

“You’re right in reminding me.” The speaker instantly lowered his voice. “I heard Eliza quit the entertainment industry because she became Monte’s kept woman. I guess they have rekindled their relationship.”

“Pah! Monte isn’t a good guy. I heard that when Monte and Eliza broke up previously, Eliza disagreed with it and even threatened him with her life. However, the Patterson family didn’t approve of Eliza, and Monte also thought that Eliza wasn’t helpful in his career.”

“How did you find out?”

“My wife and Madam Patterson talked about it over a meal.”

“But up close, Eliza is really pretty. It didn’t seem like she was wearing any make-up, but her skin was translucent. No wonder Monte and President Jewell want to sleep with her. Lilian’s appearance is nothing compared to Eliza’s.”

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