Chapter 2759

Chester softly exhaled a mouthful of smoke.

He tried to fight his split personality.

“What is everyone staring at? Start eating.” Chester lifted his exquisite chin.

“Yeah.” Only then did everyone recover from their senses. “President Jewell, it’s been a long time since we had a meal together. Come. Let’s all toast to President Jewell.”

Subsequently, everyone took turns to drink a toast to Chester.

If that had happened in the past, Chester surely would not care to drink with them.

However, alcohol appeared to be the only thing he could use to numb himself today.

As a doctor, he knew full well that he could not drink alcohol after having gastrointestinal bleeding, but alcohol could prevent him from losing his sanity.

Alcohol could prevent him from thinking about Charity all the time.

On the top floor, the server in the restaurant pushed a trolley of flowers and cake toward Charity.

Monte rose to his feet and received the flowers, from where he took out a beautiful diamond ne
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