Chapter 2760

After dinner, Monte staggered as he stood up. “Lizzie, I think I’ve drunk too much. Can you bring me to the room to rest?”

“Okay.” Charity held him by his shoulders.

Monte was secretly pleased, and more than half of his body was leaning against hers.

Charity tottered as she brought him into the room. Before she could switch on the lights, Monte pushed her to the wall.

“Lizzie, I miss you so badly. Do you miss me?” Monte kissed her greedily and desperately. “Do you remember how happy I used to make you?”

Charity covered his lips with a calm gaze.

“Lizzie, there’s no one here. You don’t have to be shy.” Monte’s Adam’s apple bobbed. With his hand around her waist, he could not wait to act.

While her hands were around his neck, Charity let out a creepy laugh. “Who said… no one’s here?”

Monte was stunned. However, he suddenly laughed wickedly. “Lizzie, you’re bad. You really do know how to scare–”

Before he could finish his sentence, he felt something sharp thrust into his shoulder
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Dawn Preciado
Please put Chester out of his misery, he is trying and truly remorseful

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