Chapter 2824

After the police officers left, Charity stood rooted to the ground for a while.

Larissa, who was at the side, mumbled, “Oh, those poor victims. They’re innocent. But if it hadn’t been for Mr. Jewell, you would…”

She then sighed at the end of the sentence.

Charity darted a glance at Catherine. “After the police leave, can you please ask Shaun about it?”

“You don’t have to say ‘please’. We’re good friends.”

When Catherine headed upstairs, Shaun was talking to the police and traffic officers as an attorney.

However, she did not bother Shaun. Only after the officers left did she ask, “Is the issue very troublesome?”

“Chester’s driving license has been suspended, which isn’t a major issue. He can’t drive in his current condition anyway. I was the one who decided for him to pay more compensation to the victims in the accident.”

Shaun bit his tongue before he continued, “Not only Charity’s life matters, but the ordinary people’s lives do too. By saying this, I hope you can–”

“I unde
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Marilyn Munroe
Well apparently they have started another book... yes started referring to counties xyz now using real countries, lots of grammar mistakes and also name mistakes too... I think it's time to end this book/series as they call it... don't spend any money reading it..
goodnovel comment avatar
It is disgusting that you have your views and rules and pretend they are in Australia which would NEVER act the way you have written. Maybe keep the places and country where these views are accepted
goodnovel comment avatar
Maria Hernandez
What only one chapter at time and short also

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