Chapter 2825

“Ha! Aren’t you overestimating me?” Max mocked.

“I didn’t say that. You battled your way through the warzone, and now you’re in charge of The Lodge’s security,” Mrs. Langston said. “Your dad and I nurtured you painstakingly and witnessed you bring glory to the Langston family. Max, don’t make the wrong move. It wasn’t easy for you to come this far. Listen to me. I’ve already agreed for you to go on a blind date with a military officer’s daughter.”

“Mom…” Max looked awkward. “Why did you decide on things without my permission? It’s too much.”

“If I don’t force you, how long will you delay this for Eliza?” Mrs. Langston put on a stern face. “You might not be happy now, but you’ll thank me in the future.”

“I don’t need to thank you. Eliza is amazing to me. I’m the one who’s not good enough for her.”

Mrs. Langston was unconvinced. “Don’t be a fool. You two are from different worlds. Take Chester, for example. He’s now disabled from rescuing Eliza. A woman can’t possibly be indifferen
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EunJung Lee
shouldn't Mrs. Langston call her Eliza and not Charity. Pay attention to details.
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Wild Flower
......Thanks for this chapters

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