Chapter 2826

Larissa chatted with Mrs. Langston for a while before sending her off.

After returning, she observed her daughter and said, “Is Mrs. Langston… trying to hint at something?”

“Isn’t that obvious? Even you sensed it.” Charity smiled faintly.

“Don’t blame her.” Larissa sighed. “If I were her, I might think the same too. Which parent doesn’t wish for their child to have a successful career? Our neighbor says they have a good son and that he’ll surely be a high-ranking officer. During festivities, the city and district higher-ups would always visit Mrs. Langston’s home, and the Langston couple would smile from ear to ear whenever they mention Max.”

Charity found it funny. “I don’t blame her. I understand.”


“If Max can meet a suitable girl, I’ll sincerely wish him happiness.”

Max had been treating her too well and helping her out a lot, so much that Charity felt guilty.

She had thought about dating him properly after she recovered.

However, after hearing from Mrs. Langsto
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Di Laoyan
Its annoying toooooo shooooooorrrrrttttttt
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Too invested to give up now after almost 3k chapters…...
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Really, this is annoying one chapter daily, it’s not like we’re begging for it! I might as well give up the so called book

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