Chapter 2828

“I don’t know him that well,” Max said in a low voice.

“That makes sense.” Larissa nodded. “By the way, how did your blind date go today? I heard from your mom that you went on a blind date with a military officer’s daughter.”

Max’s handsome face stiffened. He did not expect that his mom would tell Larissa about it. In that case, Charity…

At that moment, the sound of footsteps came from the stairs as Charity walked down in casual clothes. Max did not know whether she overheard their conversation or not.

Even if she did, she probably already knew about it.

“Aunt Larissa, my mom arranged it on her own. The lady’s parents are influential, so it would’ve been disrespectful if I didn’t go. I’ll find an excuse later to say that our personalities don’t match and that we can’t be together.” Max quickly raised his voice and said, “I already have someone I like.”

Larissa saw Max looking at her daughter, and her head started to ache. However, she did not say anything.

“Mom, can we have
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Comments (6)
goodnovel comment avatar
Glenda Lamboso de Juan
ouch poor Max.. hope we can get another soon
goodnovel comment avatar
Dawn Preciado
I think Max is too innocent and lacks life experience for Charity . She is troubled and has a lot of emotional issues. Chester is is in the same boat, so I think they are more compatible. Poor Max, but he will be better off moving on with his life he needs a partner at his level and innocence.
goodnovel comment avatar
Barbara Hunter
nope, not reading anymore

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