Chapter 2830

Charity was momentarily dumbfounded.

She previously did hear that a few people had tried to have her join the board of directors, but there was no news after that.

Little did she expect she would become a board member just like that.

“So, are you trying to get me to band with you to deal with the Jewell family?” Charity soon guessed Finn’s motive. “Don’t forget, Young Master Carlson. Chester was in jail for three months, but he ousted you once he was out of jail. Are you sure you’re competent?”

“Hehe. It’s different this time.” Finn said with a grin, “Chester is being treated in the Jewell Corporation’s hospital at the moment. Although he’s been trying to hide it, I managed to learn about something. This time, not only is his leg seriously injured, but his head has also suffered a concussion. There’s no way he can recover within one and a half years. Considering his current health, how can he take care of himself, let alone handle the company’s affairs?”

Charity deliberately said,
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goodnovel comment avatar
One chapter a day? Seriously? If this keeps up I’ll stop reading this book and continue with the others that I read on this platform that load more per day. Too bad though since this is a great story line.
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Franshell Grant
I think the story is awesome and would love to enjoy the read but 1 short chapter a do is not enough!! Can we have at least 3!!?

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