Chapter 2831

“No wonder I noticed yesterday that Chester has thinned down a lot,” Charity added.

“Ever since he’s been injured, he has lost over ten kilograms. He has a poor appetite, and his wound hurts at night, so he doesn’t get proper rest.” After that, Ken glanced at Charity and realized that her expression remained nonchalant.

He gritted his teeth.

That woman was indeed… a lot more cold-blooded than Chester back then.

Sure enough, like attracts like.

When the two of them entered the ward, they sensed the unpleasant smell of blood and disinfectant.

Chester, on the other hand, had already closed his eyes, and his face was pale.

Ken opened the window. “Young Master Jewell must’ve been in so much pain that he has fallen asleep.”

“I’ll wait.” Charity asked, “It should be okay, right?”

“I’m sure Young Master Jewell will be glad to see you when he wakes up.” Ken said honestly, “Miss Neeson, to tell you the truth, I’ve been working for Young Master Jewell for ten years, and he used to be a c
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Comments (2)
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Dawn Preciado
Poor Chester, author you are amazing you actually successfully made me feel compassion for Chester. I hope she can get over the idea of him being dirty, that seems to be her biggest issue.
goodnovel comment avatar
Rani Arinto
the story is to slow....

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