Chapter 2835

Chester did not speak.

He simply stared at Charity with an affectionate and melancholic yet frustrated gaze.

Charity immediately felt uncomfortable. “I’m leaving.”

“Thank you for your hard work today. See Miss Robbins off, Ken,” Chester said hastily.

“No need. I know the way out.” Charity took her bag and scurried away.

As Chester watched her leave from behind, a hint of sadness flashed across his eyes.

Ken said, “President Jewell, you can use work as an excuse to ask Miss Robbins to come over.”

“You have a point there.” Chester was stunned for two seconds. Then, he praised Ken. “My head injury has really made me stupid.”

Ken thought to himself, ‘You didn’t look like you were stupid when you were pretending to be weak and fragile.’

“You shall go to the board of directors meeting at Jewell Corporation tomorrow to protect her,” Chester told Ken, “If she supports Finn, I’m afraid my dad will act out of control. Tell my dad directly that this is my stance.”

“But this will c
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niluh sonya
good story. thanks author.... but i need to read more, i'd love to finish one book in one shot
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niluh sonya
you read in detail and have good memory, while i dont remember at all about what i have read ...
goodnovel comment avatar
This is wrong. In the chapter right after the accident it is said that steven and the female bodyguard only had a few scratches.

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