Chapter 17

“That... You guys have misunderstood me. My stomach hasn’t been feeling well recently, so I’m opting for blander food…”

“You don’t have to explain further. I understand.” Freya patted Catherine on the back of her hand while chuckling.

Catherine was dejected. Sure enough, her friend turned out to be her betrayer.

Shaun, who had been quiet, raised his long, thick eyelashes and glanced at the woman opposite him.

She was wearing a pink knitted top today. The skin on her neck was milky, yet her face had reddened. The redness had even spread to the delicate skin around her ear lobes.

His eyes sparkled without him realizing it. However, he soon stifled the look, then took a sip of coffee.

Struck with an idea, Freya took out her phone and pretended to discuss something with her best friend. “Which place are you planning to rent? I think this apartment is pretty good. It only costs 800 dollars per month.”

Chase said, “What kind of a good apartment are you able to rent with 800 dollars?
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