Chapter 02: the Heart

There was a huge fountain in the middle of the garden. The neatly trimmed bushes and scrubs formed low hedges that made up the perfect circulation leading the people through the greenery world.

I couldn’t stop exclaiming in my heart as I walked deeper into the garden, and that was when a gazebo next to the fountain suddenly entered my sight. The gazebo was distinct from a traditional one, it wasn’t built round nor hexagon, it was built on a rectangular concrete base.

The thick wooden pillars stood by the four corners holding the rectangular frame up on top, the rafts laid horizontally on the frames, while the thinner one laid closely to each other on top of the raft structuring the roof. With the same materials, the corner brackets added essential supports to the structure.

The side of the gazebo wasn’t wrapped up by any railings, instead, it was surrounded by cobblestones, like a division barrier.

Inside the gazebo, the middle of the floor was covered by a huge linen carpet, the edges were occupied by furniture like couches and coffee tables, and the corners were decorated with plenty of lamps and flower pots. The fairy lights hang down the edges following the flows of the sheer voile curtains down to the floor. Together with the candles on the table, they lightened up the gazebo in warm light.

From where I had been standing, I could see a girl sitting on the staircase by the front edge of the gazebo. She was looking up to the night sky, dazing at the big white moon.

She had her beautiful blonde hair braided and draped over her narrow shoulders, she wore a headband with a big red ribbon on top of her head. She was in a cute yellow dress with short puff sleeves and white round collar, she wore a pair of white socks with laces on the top, and a pair of leather flat T-bar shoes in light blue were seen lying quietly on the staircase next to her.

I’d never seen her around before. She was mesmerizing, it was the first time ever in my life that I couldn’t take my eyes off a girl. As I realized, I had already walked up the stairs and stood right in front of her.

The girl looked up at me, neither astonishments nor indignants were seen in her eyes, instead, she gave me a soft smile and greeted me in her own way, “We're not supposed to wear our shoes here.” she said.

Instead of greeting her back, I chose to put up a silly smile as I took off my shoes and put them next to hers. Without asking for permission, I sat down right next to her.

“What are you doing here, alone?” I put up a smile as I asked.

The girl pouted as she answered me, “My mommy and daddy are busy talking to their friends. I’m bored.”

“Oh.” I nodded.

“What about you?” she asked.

“Same as you.” I shrugged, “My mom and dad are busy socializing too, doing the adults job.”

“Okay.” she smiled a little. Trying to go deeper with the topic I picked up, she asked in a curious tone, “What are your mom and dad like?”

Contentedly, I smiled. My answer to that question will always be what I was most proud of, “They are architects. Fine ones.” I said.

While unexpectedly, the girl tilted her head to the side, “What is an architect?” she asked.

I bet most of the children don’t know, I was always complacent when the chance for me to explain about it came, “They design houses and buildings.” I answered, I looked around us as I mentioned, “My parents built this place, the foundation, the house, the inside and outside, the landscape, even the drainage and sewerage systems, everything.”

As I turned back to the girl, I saw a bright smile crack open on her face, her eyes were wide opened, the yellow lights seeped into her deep blue eyes and glowed like stars gazing in the night sky. Her eyes, they were breathtaking.

“That’s so cool!” with an applause, the girl complimented. She then asked in excitement, “Will you become an architect too when you grow up?”

I nodded, “Yes.” I said, “That’s in fact my one and only dream.”

Abruptly, just as I mentioned, the girl gripped on my arm with her small hands, “Will you build your own house? May I move in with you into the house?”

I did not know why, but I couldn’t hide my smile when she asked me. It might sound weird inviting a person you barely know to move in with you when you build your own house, yet if it’s her... 

“Yes, if you want to.”

I never thought I would, but I was smiling rather sweetly at her when I said that. I pulled a necklace out of my collar and took the pendant down. I handed it to her.

The pendant was exquisitely made, it was made by bronze, and was shaped as a key. The bow of the key was structured to be the shape of a heart. There were two bits in the key wards, while on the shank, a name was engraved on the surface of it——the name was Iverson.

“What is this?” the girl held the pendant in her hand carefully as she looked at it and asked.

“It’s a present for you, the key to our future house.” pointing at the engravings, I said, “This was an heirloom of my family, but now it is a pledge of our promises.”

As she heard my words, the girl smiled sweetly. She moved close to me and gave me a hug. She left a kiss on my cheek.

“It’s a promise then.” in glee, she said.

It was the first time ever I was kissed by a girl. At that time, I thought she was the one I wanted to marry when we grew up.

With my cheeks blushed in pink, I brought up my courage as I finally asked, “What is your name?”

“My name?” the girl chuckled, as she realized we hadn’t been introducing ourselves to each other, “My name is…”

“Miss, there you are!”

However, right before the girl could tell me her name, a man suddenly ran towards us and picked the girl up by her hand. I did not see the man’s face clearly, but I saw the big ruby ring on his finger. By the way he called the girl, I figured he should be her butler.

“Good evening, Mr. Iverson.” there, the butler greeted me as well, it seemed like he knew me. Then, before I could say a word, the butler helped the girl to put on her shoes and took her down the staircase, “It’s time to go back.” he said to her.

Before leaving, the girl turned back at me as she waved me a goodbye, “Goodnight. I’ll see you someday later.” she greeted.

“Goodnight. See you around.” I put up a gentle smile as I waved at her and greeted her back.

I stood under the white moon watching her walk away with her butler, thinking that I would definitely meet her another day at somebody else's party or other big functions that our parents would bring us to. 

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