Chapter 03: Henry Iverson

April, 2021.

The sound of chaos in this hectic city pulls me out of a dream that I never wanted to leave. To be specific, it has to be said as an old memory of mine.

I live on the top floor of a penthouse in the city. I wake up to the same noises every morning. The noises of the traffic——the cars, the motorcycles, sometimes the river cruises, for the tour across the DuSable Bridge; and the morning people——citizens, office workers, and tourists.

This is the most north-east part of Illinois, built along one of the edges of the Chicago River——Michigan Avenue, Chicago.

I get out of my bed as soon as I am awake. I put on my red bra and pantie after I cleaned myself. I fill the empty bra with two big silicone bags, I slide my fingers along the pantie line as I adjust the pantie so that my dick and my balls can stay in where they should.

Going through my closet, I choose myself a set of sexy working attire——a semi-transparent chiffon white blouse, and a tight black skirt that is short enough to just wrap my muscular ass up.

When the body is done, I pick up a wavy long blonde wig and put it on my head. I pick up the brush and comb through them very carefully. After I put myself in the clothes and wig, I pick up my one and only lipstick and open the lid.

I twist the lipstick up and softly press the tip onto my lips as I pout at the mirror. Carefully, I trace the shape of my lips and apply the vivid red color onto them. When I am done with it, satisfyingly, I give myself a kiss in the mirror. I put the lipstick into my pink leather handbag and hang the bag over my shoulder.

I walk to the bench next to the door and pick up a pair of black stockings from the box next to it. After I put on the smooth stockings, I put on my shiny red leather high heels.

I walk out of my house and walk down the short hallway until I reach the elevator. I stand in front of the elevator, look into the reflective surface of the door, and smile at myself contentedly.

My name is Henry Iverson. This morning is the first day of the most important expedition that can ever happen in my life.

If you are curious what made me dress like a woman, we’ll have to rewind everything back to a month ago.


One and a half months ago.


It was at midnight when I barged into a pub and came to the bar where my friend, Victor, was sitting at. He was holding a glass of rum in his hand when he turned to me and showed me his most annoyed face.

“Henry. How many times should I tell you, not to call me Victor?” he hollered, “Call me Victoria!” his face then suddenly turned from annoyed to mischievous, he licked his glossy red lips as he mentioned in a sexy voice, “Or even better, you can call me Vivi Baby.”

Victor ‘Victoria’ Babington, or Vivi Baby, the wealthiest yet sluttiest fashion model in town. He is a best friend of mine from high school, we were not in the same class, but we were in the same society——the ARTS, Art Researching T… Society. Don’t ask me what ‘T’ stands for, because no one cares.

We were both into arts, except for I was interested in architectural arts, and Victor was into fashion arts. Well if that’s so, how do we become best buddies?

I remember there was one time when our society held a school trip to the Museum of Contemporary Art, Victor lured me into the bathroom and tried to come on me. He said he thought I’m gay, but unfortunately I ain’t gay. From there on, I knew about his sexual orientation, and we just became real close after that.

However, that was not the main point. I took out a creased piece of flyer and unfolded it as I showed it to Victor.

“Okay, Vic. Look at this.” I said, “Do you know what this is?”

Victor pondered, and then he answered, “Oh I know! It’s a flyer!” he sneered, as he took a sip of his rum, “Call me a genius, baby.”

I rolled my eyes as I scoffed, “Of course it’s a flyer!” I put the flyer down on the bar table and slapped at it twice with my big palm, “Look at the content!” I pointed at the title as I introduced it, “This is an architectural design competition, held by Minerva.”

A light broke on Victor’s face, “Minerva… as in Peyton Group?” he asked.

I nodded, “Uh-huh!” I picked up the glass of vodka the bartender, Reiss, just put up to the bar table and took a small sip of it, “And I am now telling you that I want to join this competition.”

However, when I was expecting a supportive reaction from Victor, he gave me a cold glance along with a dry chuckle, “I told you before, Henry Baby. If you need money, you can just tell me, I will get you a spot in AD Underwear.”

As he mentioned, he leaned close to me and abruptly grabbed my ass tightly. I couldn’t help but let a squeak elapse my lips when he squeezed my ass.

He whispered, “If you haven’t realized, you have a sexy pair of asses, and you have a beautifully structured le amazing Goddamn dick. You are just born for underwear modelling. Twenty-seven, you’re at a good age for that, and you’ll definitely earn yourself a huge place in the big boy’s world.”

“Tsk! No!” again, I rolled my eyes as I clicked my tongue, “I don’t need the money! My parents left me tons of that to be spent for the rest of my life!” I said.

Victor there showed me a blank face, “Don't you have better things to do then? Why do you want to join the competition all of a sudden?” he asked.

Slapping Victor’s hand away from my ass, in a serious tone I mentioned, “The awards for the winners of the competition is not just money, there is a chance for the winners to earn a position of architectural designer in the company!”

And if, by joining the company could earn me a chance to take over the place of the CEO one day, I might be able to snatch Minerva over.

I needed to do this, “For Minerva, and the dignity of the Iverson Family.”

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