Chapter 04: Minerva

Minerva, the largest architectural design company in the USA, initially belonged to the Iverson family, it was named after the Roman goddess of wisdom, learning, art crafts and industry.

My parents were fine architects, Jack and Lea Iverson, they started everything with this company, they developed their industries and soon built their own empire——the Iverson Group, they became one of the leaders of business in Chicago.

Since young, I dreamed of becoming a great architect like my parents, I read my books about the history of architecture, I played with building designing simulators, I visited every museum, gallery and exhibition about all the architecture in the world, I even did my research about the best architecture school in the world so that my dream would come true.

Most importantly, I promised a girl when I was ten, that I would become an architect like my parents, build my own house, and invite her over to stay with me. For it, I had to study hard, become an architect, and inherit the Iverson Group so that I could earn a lot of money to build that house.

Unfortunately, before I could ever inherit any of the companies from my parents, a tragic accident happened. One rainy night when I was home alone with my butler and maids, we received a call from the hospital.

They said there was a plane crash accident happening that night during a flight back from New York City to Chicago, and the plane was confirmed to be my parents’ private jet. My butler told me that my parents had just landed in another place far away from us, but I was twelve back then, I knew what death means.

At the same night, Peyton Group announced their acquisition against all of the property registered under Iverson Group, including Minerva. In just one night, I lost both of my parents and everything that should belong to me. My parents and all of our businesses were not the only ones that had been taken away from me, but the girl too. I was casted out of the aristocracy after my parents died, I never had the chance to see the girl again, though I hope she remembers the promise we pledged that night under the white moonlight.

Using the money my parents left me, I tried to pursue my dream of becoming an architect, I studied hard and successfully enrolled in the most well-known art school in Weimar, Germany——the Bauhaus, one of the most influential schools in modern design, contemporary architecture, and architecture education.

After I obtained my certificates for both my bachelor degree and my master degree with first-class distinction, I returned to Chicago and worked for some small architecture firms for quite a long time, so that I could acquire some experiences and knowledge, and also to help build my route towards the attainment of my professional AR license.

When I thought I was just a step away from my dream of becoming a licensed architect, chances came. The flyer I picked up from a guy at the front door of my penthouse earlier that night had led me to a new route of pursuing my dream——the retake of Minerva.

In a rather serious expression, I mentioned to Victor, “If there are any chances that I can retake any of my parents’ properties, this competition is the one.”

Victor took a second to ponder over it, he then nodded, “Fair enough.” whereas he then gave me a dubious glare as he put a pout up on his lips, “But do you think you can win it?”

Duh! “Of course I can!” this competition could be what I was always studying so hard for! And not to mention, “I inherited the best architect’s lineage from my parents, how would I not win the competition?”

Yet Victor didn't seem like he was going to give me a better suggestion on that, “Well, I hate to lie to you my friend, but I’m certainly not very confident about what you’ve just said.”

“Victor!” I frowned as I grabbed tightly onto his shoulders, “You said you’ll help me when this day comes! And this competition is due in one month, I can’t do this alone, I need your help!”

However, Victor chose to react to the less vital words I said, “Told you to call me Vivi Baby!”

As Reiss watched us fight, he suddenly pointed at the flyer I brought and mentioned, “My friend happened to have the chance to meet the CEO of Minerva once, and I’ve heard that he is a tasty one.”

“What?” Victor’s expression turned bright.

“Jamie Lee Peyton.” Reiss introduced, “The second child of the Peyton Group, the chairman of the board, and at the same time the CEO of Minerva. He is definitely low profile, not many people have seen him before, he refuses his photos to be taken in big events too. But we’ve heard rumors that he is cold yet smart and capable, and most importantly, he is a very fair and handsome man.”

As Victor heard Reiss, he turned back to me and gripped onto my arms, “Will Jamie Lee Peyton attend the awarding ceremony for the competition?” in an excited tone he asked.

I shrugged, “I guess so?”

A bright grin was then seen on Victor’s face, “Then I’ll help you, Henry Baby.” he said confidently, “We will make sure you win the competition and go to the ceremony. And that will be our chance to take a glimpse of the true face of  the CEO of Minerva, Jamie Lee Peyton.”

Seeing Jamie Lee Peyton’s true face was never the main objective for me to win the competition, but if that’s what helps me earn Victor’s help, sure, why not?

I don’t really like to look at beautiful guys, you know, just because I am not like Victor, but if Jamie Lee Peyton is the one who took Minerva away from Iverson Group and me, then I will make sure that I at least would know what he looks like.

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