Chapter 07: Henrietta Chandelier

“If you’re paying attention, like you should, because you’re a man too.” Victor mentioned, “A man like Jamie Lee Peyton, the CEO, decent on the outside, but on the inside, he is just as simple as every guy on earth!”

My face turned blank, “What do you mean?” 

Victor clicked his tongue as he slapped his forehead with his palm, “I’m telling you, Henry Baby, unless Jamie Lee Peyton is a gay like me, he won’t be able to resist the seduction of a hot pretty lady!”

I sneered, “And... so?”

“So!? Seriously!?”

Victor sounded a little furious. Before I could realize what I had made a mistake, Victor put the wine glass down on the table and wrapped his arm around my shoulder.

“Look, Henry.” sincerely, he looked at me. In a serious tone, he whispered to me, “Imagine if you become a gorgeous hot girl, as you join the company, aren’t there higher chances for you to attract the CEO’s attention?”

“What? Become a girl?” I was utterly confounded, “I have to undergo a transsexual surgery for that!?”

Once again, Victor slapped his forehead, “NO!” he yelled at me, “Have you ever heard of DISGUISE?”

Disguise? “You want me to crossdress as a girl, in the company?”

“Yes! Finally!” Victor exclaimed, “As long as you can become a girl, you can seduce him. As long as you can seduce him, you are able to speed up your revenge!”

“Okay…?” I understood Victor’s concept, but, “Jamie Lee Peyton looks like a decent and decorous man, I don’t think hot girl seduction can work-”

Right before I could finish my words, Victor covered my mouth with his palm, “Hot girl seduction works on every guy, even if it’s Jamie Lee Peyton.”

No man could resist a hot girl, I got it, “But what about the job opportunities we earned from the competition? Won’t it become a waste?” I felt extremely reluctant to give that up.

However, Victor shook his head as he disagreed with my saying, “We went to the ceremony, and we earned a chance to take a glimpse on him, remember?” he mentioned, “And also, at some moments in our lives, we should learn to give up a thing in order to lift up a new one if it has a higher rate of possibilities that could bring us closer to our ultimate target.”

In a remorseful face, I looked at the crystal trophy on the rack. Victor rubbed on my arms as he tried to make me feel better.

He mentioned, “What you have to do is just, attract his attention, seduce him, deceive him for his love, gain his trust, and lastly, convince him to transfer his share to you. When you have enough shares to call up a conference, gather the rest of the directors and persuade them to vote Jamie Lee Peyton out of the board. When the time comes, you buy off every single last bit of his shares, cast him out, and take his place.” there, placing his hands on my shoulders, he whispered in my ear, “Voila, the place of the CEO will be yours, and the whole of Minerva will be back in your hands too.”

For all these years I had known Victor, I swore I never expected something like that would come out from his mouth.

After I took my time pondering through his proposal, I thought what he said was actually practical, and so you know, I am capable of seducing someone, even a man if I wanted to, though I had zero experience of that.

But! Disguising as a girl?

“I’ve been a man for my whole life, and I myself am legitly a man! How am I supposed to pretend like a girl?” I hollered, “It’s impossible!”

“How is it impossible?” while Victor chuckled as he grabbed my chest tightly with his hands, “Everything will be possible if you let it to!”

I slapped his hands away and stood up from the couch, “Vic, look at my body!” I said, raising my hand to the top of my head trying to emphasize my height, “I’m tall, I’m buff-”

“You’re not buff.”

“Okay, but I have muscles, see?” I pulled my sleeve up and showed my bicep to Victor, “Man’s muscles!” I then raised my chin as I touched my jaw, “I can have a moustache and even a beard...” I then pointed to my crotch with both of my index fingers, “And I definitely can’t hide my dick and my balls under a skirt, okay?”

While Victor stood up from the couch too, “Henry, have you forgotten? You have me!” he slapped on his chest as he mentioned, “Worry nothing about crossdressing when you have me on your side, I’m a professional!”


“Just trust me!” said Victor, putting a confident smile on his face, “I know everything about becoming a girl.”

“You know?” I frowned.

“Of course! Look.” he there asked, “What’s most important when it comes to becoming a girl?”

That was a very good question, I never had a chance to think about something so deep like that! But if we’re talking about something of a girl that a man like us does not have...

Uh… “Boobs?”

“NO! Henry, what are you thinking!?”

Apparently, I got the wrong answer.

Victor revealed, “It’s your name! The most important thing is your name!”

“Name?” I asked.

“Yeah!” Victor nodded, “See, nobody will suspect that I am a man when people call me Victoria, right? So, in order to become a girl, first, you need to have a female name.”

Wow. He was making a lot of sense right here.

But, “What name?” I shrugged, “Like... Jennifer?”

“Something like that, or…” said Victor, biting his lower lips as he pondered, “You can use the female version of your own name. Henrietta.”

Henrietta… I’m like a French princess.

“And for your last name…” Victor pinched his chin as he looked up to the huge chandelier hanging under my ceiling, “Chandelier?”

“No?” I scoffed.

Victor then moved his sight from the ceiling to my floor, “What about Sofa?”

I smiled at him, “Chandelier it is then.”

Victor laughed as he slapped hardly on my back, “Hah! There you go!” he then picked his wine glass up again and raised it up to me, “Happy birthday to you, Henrietta Chandelier.”

I clinked my glass at him, “Happy birthday, Henrietta Chandelier.”

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