His high-class maid
His high-class maid
Author: Khads

You should avenge your family

Who cut these salads? Shouted Magdalena the oldest maid of the Johnson family.

Its not me.. It's not me either. The other two maids denied right away.

It must be that Rim then. I wonder how many times did l have to repeat myself teaching her how to do things right what kind of a girl is she. How can one fail to cut tomatoes well.See how all salaads look like they are being cut for animals. Oh God give me patience. Give me patience to deal with this girl. 

How are children of these days are raised. Magdalena went on to scold Rim who is the newest maid that just joined them. 

She doesn't know how to clean, cooking and even wash clothes yet she is the old woman's favorite. I think this unfair. Interjected Harriet another maid around in the kitchen. 

Yes l also think the same. We have been here for almost three years but the old woman doesn't even eat what we cook or arrow us in her bedroom. But the person who just arrived recently without any experience in working, reach everywhere in the house. Rosalinda also showed her dissatisfaction about the the old lady. 

And you u better finish up all the work in time before the visitors arrive. It's not time to gossip here. If you have any complains, the madam is present this all month go and talk to her. Magdalena snapped at them. 

The maids kept quiet and resume working. 

Rim was on the entrance of the kitchen and heard everything her fellow maids said about her. She went in her room and sobbed. She knows well that these maids are jealousy of the number one fact that she sleeps in the main house. 

Two she is more beautiful than them. Every time they find away to isolate her because of her beauty and the love the old lady of the house showers her with. 

She holds her family photo and cried silently. Mom, dad and brothers l miss you so much. If you were all still alive, l wouldn't end up here working like am a machine. She sobbed even more as thoughts came into her mind.

Five months ago

Rim was on her way from the university when her mom called her. 

"Rim my dear go pick up Tamim from school his teacher called that he has a fever." Sure mom l will.Rim replied. Okay darling thank you and be home in time your father and brothers will be available tonite for dinner. That's great mom let me hurry up then. Rim told back. 

They bide each other good bye and Rim went to Tamim's school. Tamim's is their youngest brother aged seven years. 

Rim reached her young brother's school and after exchanging few words with his teacher, they headed home. 

On the way their mother called again ;Rim something bad happened please get somewhere to hide and Tamim don't come home please do you here me? She was crying too much. 

Mom what happened are you all okay. Rim was in panic and asked her mother. 

Your father and brothers have just been murd..... Ahhh the scream of her mother came up and the phone fall down. It was still connected. Rim had something like bullets being shot. She immediately covered Tamim's ears. Tears started to come out of her eyes. She knows and still remember how her father told them during dinner l three days ago that he had escaped death five times in one month. That he didn't know if he will be there at Rim's graduation. 

She argued the driver to speed up. Even though her mom had requested her not to come home, but Rim was curious to know what exactly was going on. Before she reached at M. town where they were staying, she remembered that her mom told her to hide with Tamim. So she called Hashim her friend and gave Tamim to him. She went home. A lot of people were at the entrance of her house. She got out of the car and found her way into the house. 

Her father and brothers were lying in a pool of blood without breathing. But she couldnt see her mother. She was crying and wanted to go into different rooms to find her mother but the police was already on the scene and couldn't allow anyone to cross the exist. 

Later the bodies of her family members were taken by the police. That was the last time she saw them. She then entered the house looking for her mother but she wasn't in the house. That night their other relatives called for a family meeting to talk about what happened. As Rim was crying and didn't know whether to go or not, her cousin Saleh told her to run away from here. He told her that her life was also in danger. That the killer was after the all family. 

I believe that the killer won't rest until he also kills you. It's better if you hide for sometime. But remember you should avenge your family when the time comes. Saleh continued. 

Rim took his words seriously because she knows very well that her father had a lot of enemies with in the family. So that night with the help of Saleh, She went to her room and got her important things and some few clothes for Tamim. And they left M. town.

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