Beauty with out brain

Rim actually didn't know where to go. Hashim wanted to give her a place to stay but she refused him. She couldn't trust anyone at that time.

Aimlessly she went to a taxi park with Tamim and they boarded a taxi to k city which is the capital of U country.

They reached k city and checked in a small guest house where she paid to stay for a week. During that week she stayed at the guest house, she treated her young brother and the fever he had gone. She was thankful for that.

She realized that she is responsible for taking care of her young brother. Checking her bank account balance that her parents used to deposit every month, Rim decided not to use the money for her own benefit but keep it for Tamim.

When that week gone, Rim decided to send Tamim to a school that wasn't know to her family relatives. A school that is on the outskirts of the city. She made sure to research for the school's academic records and they weren't that bad. She put Tamim in a boarding section and took his class teacher's mobile contact. She wished to talk with her only family member she was left with frequently.And putting him in that school would help to hide him. 

Because she was afraid to use the money for other things, Rim decided to pay Tamim's tuition for a whole year. She believed that she will get a job and make the situation better for the two of them.

After making all the necessary arrangements for Tamim, she was relieved and found a simple place for her stay for a while and then started to look for a job.She was confident that she will get a better place when she started working. Because she had just joined university, Rim only had a her high school certificate and most of the jobs weren't in favor of that qualifications.

The day she started searching for a job, Rim wasn't aware of the political riots at were in the city. She left her small house that only had a mattress and useful necessities to begin her search for the job. 

She frowned when she saw people running for their lives. Teargas was everywhere accompanied with bullets that the police shoot directly to the rioters. 

It was the direction she was going. Her foots suddenly paused as if glued in that place. Her thoughts went to the bullets that she heard the last time she spoke with her mother over the phone. 

She was trembling but the people who saw her also just bypassed her. Everyone was running away. 

Some people even thought that she lost her mind. 

A man who was in his office observing what's going on down on the streets, so her and came to take her away. He didn't care about the Teargas bottle that was sent into his direction. 

He grabbed her by the waist and took her inside one of the building. 

He looked at her and shouted What were you doing there? Were you..... Rim just then came back to her sense and realized what was going on. 

The man's angry roar didn't come out because he was taken away by a beautiful yet pitiful face. Beauty without brain he outtered and strolled inside the building leaving Rim standing their blankly.Did he just insulted me. She was angry but he was already gone. Does he think that being handsome was enough for him to throw those words to me. She kept on arguing until she came to know that that day she wasn't going to get any job given to the situation in the city. 

Two days after the situation came back to normal and Rim decided to go out again. 

Wherever she went in search for a job, she was disappointed due to her lack of qualifications and the ones that were willing to offer her a job, were lustful men who needed to first sleep with her the thing she was disdainful of. 

One day she was tired and didn't know where to go next and she came into contact with a man power office.

On the sign posts, they showed that they wanted cleaners, house maids and plumbers.

Rim was desperate for a job and among the jobs on the list, a cleaning one sounded better. She thought that she should try on it. Thus she went into the office and inquired about the job.

Unfortunately for her, there wasn't any one in need of a cleaner but a maid. But she knew very well that in her 19 years of existence, she doesn't know how to do house chores.

That was so because her parents treated her like a princess and they didn't put it into consideration for her to learn house chores. They had more than seven maids at home. 

The man in the office was also on pressure to have a maid available at that hour,. He had got a client and deceived her that he has one. Seeing Rim in front of him, he felt relieved some how . But her appearance was something that he was worried about.

The girl was too good looking and dressed well to be a maid. He wondered why was she in front of him in the first place. As he was still on her, his client arrived. A old lady at that.

The old lady seized Rim and a  thoughtful smile appeared on her face. She told Alex the man who was in the office with Rim that she was happy with the maid.

Alex was to happy but Rim on the other side had doubt whether to accept the job.

But thinking about her situation and Saleh's words when he told her that you have to hide for sometime, Rim choose to go with the old lady.

The old lady was very good too her so Rim decided to tell her about herself and the fact that she doesn't know house work. She was happy when the old lady  said that she will learn slowly.Rim wondered if the old lady really want a maid. Becaise how can she accept  the person who doesn't know work. 

So now here she is at the old lady's  villa.

Although the old lady  told her that she lives with her grandson and his girlfriend, Rim hadn't come into contact with the grandson  in the last five months she stayed in the villa. May be today they will come back from wherever they went. Only she saw his girlfriend who hates Rim for a reason she doesn't know.

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