Don't you know how to apologise

Rim stopped crying and decided to be the person she is right now. A maid. Even though she feels like she is dreaming, she forced her mind to accept the fact. She had to get it that however much she misses and cry for her father and brothers,they will not come back.

And for her mother, Rim just prayed that there will be a miracle and she came to see her alive one day. After all till now her dead body a word that sounds too harsh to her ears wasn't found. 

She doesn't no cooking, cleaning and other related house chores. She got her phone and opened YouTube. 

She is greatful that there is wifi in the villa that you can use however much you want.

Since the old lady  was kind to her, Rim wanted to please her and also make her fellow servants who look down on her more jealousy. 

She downloaded few cooking videos from YouTube to her phone. She thought to start with cooking. Every maid in the villa has a day to cook. But because the old lady whom she call grandma like others knows her problem, someone else always cook on her day.

She watched the videos again and again. When she was sure that she mastered how to cook two or three dishes, Rim tossed her phone aside and went to the bathroom.

She changed into her short maids uniform when she was done. She always wondered why grandma had her uniform shorter than the rest of the maids. Could it be that she gave me the uniform based on my clothes l always wear. She pondered inwardly.

Just as Rim existed her room which is opposite the visitors room and adjacent to the TV room on the first floor of the villa, the main door flew open from outside.

Grandma, his grandson's girlfriend whom Rim remember her name as Tanasha came in.

She run and hugged grandma. Grandma hasn't been around for a whole month. She had gone to visit her other relatives on the other side of the city.

Rim missed this old ladyv so much because she comforted her at that time when she needed something like that when she just a lived here.

Oh my dear you look more beautiful each passing day. How have you been. Grandma said cheerfully at Rim. A thing that didn't sound too good into Tanasha's ears.What trick did this girl played to be favored by the old lady

Tanasha rolled her eyes at the way Rim hugged grandma. 

Its clearly known that this old lady isn't a social person and doesn't like maids too near by. Well let me wait to see how things flow. She smirked. 

Grandma don't start your sweet talks you just arrived you must be tired come and have a rest quickly. Rim went on to say with a beaming smile.

She was happy that grandma came back. She is the only person in this villa that Rim laugh with or smile at. When she realized that the other maids didn't like her, Rim also restrained herself from having anything to do with them. She took the old lady to the dinning table. After helping her sit comfortably, Rim said hello to Tanasha who just waved her hand at her. Rim cared less at her action and went to pour juice for them. 

Grandma likes apple juice and it happened to be available in the fridge. She got it and added little warm water because the old lady doesn't like very cold things. She poured another glass of milk for Tanasha. She always saw her drinking milk when she comes to visit. I hope she won't find any trouble because l got her something to drink for the first time. Rim purred to herself inwardly. 

She put the two glasses on the tray and headed to the dinning room which is combed with the living room. 

She was walking facing the direction of the dinning room and didn't notice the person that was coming from the main door thus they collided. Both juice and milk stains went on the other person's white shirt as the glasses violently smashed onto the floor making a loud sound that drew the attention of the people in the villa. 

Rim trembled as the deep typical green eyes of a man lingered on her skin. She hauled her head down avoiding the man's gaze. 

For more than five minutes Rim dare not move or raise her head. 

Don't you know how to apologize or clean up this mess. The man roared sending more shivers at Rim. In her entire life, no one has ever shouted at her. Seeing her at the edge of crying, the old lady came to her rescue. 

Malik since when did you become so rude to a woman. Can't you see that it was just an accident? The old lady snapped


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