Silly choice

Malik you weren't like that before. Cried Tanasha. Yes l was nt like this. But being good to people you get nothing other than betrayal. Malik replied. Malik? Tanasha called out in a soft voice. Malik only looked disgusted and went to sleep but Tanasha cried even more in that it was very difficult for him to lay down.

Damn it Tanasha are you planning to make me sit the entire night. What's the meaning of all this? Malik asked irritated.

Malik let's talk. Tanasha replied. And she started. I have apologized to you for over thousand times but you ain't willing to forgive me. I was stupid and careless. Malik what should l do then? I thought that when you agreed for us to get married, you had forgiven me. 

But these past six months has been a hell for me. I came to realize that you married me because that deal was important to you. Not our love. Malik sneered when she mentioned the word love. This woman is really something else. She got the guts to even mention lov

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