You can only be mine again.

Malik took Rim's hand and run water over it. He did the same on her thigh. At first Rim was scared and shy to bunch up her skirt for him to also run water on it. But seeing his serious expression and the presence of the old lady on the entrance of the bathroom, she obediently did as told. Anyway grandma is here he can't do anything stupid to me. Rim thought to herself. 

But Malik on the other hand was finding it difficult to breath. He swallowed hard his saliva from time to time. Rim's skin very bright and soft. Not even a single scar on her body. And when he poured water on her, Rim hissed a sound that was about to drive him crazy. Malik took long time to run water on her. In fact he was enjoying doing it.His  eyes could study every part of her that was in his view.He wondered since when did he became such a pervert. To the extent of drooling over his maid. If it was not grandma standing at the entrance, only the heavens knows how long he would have f

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