Black’s Mate
Black’s Mate
Author: Mcheidi J. Aniston

chapter 1.1

Third Person's POV

‘You are mine and will always be mine, no matter how far you run from me.’ A mysterious man says in Susan’s dream.

These dreams of hers are like a different world, created intentionally by some force.

’No! No! I am not yours! I am for no one and I will never be yours or anyone’s property!’ Susan screams the words at the unknown man.

Susan has been having these mysterious dreams since she turned twenty and she is now twenty-two years.

Literally, she has been enduring these absurd dreams and its associated sleepless nights for two tormenting years.

In her dreams, she always encounters a strange man who’s face is all the time blurry.

She had been normal all through her adolescent years but it is like immediately she stepped into her twenties, the spirit of happiness decided to forbid her.

Now, she would pay any price to transport back into her childhood days.

To her, adulthood is a curse.

‘You are mine and will always be mine, no matter how far you run from me!’ Is the only words the man continuously says anytime he visits her in the dreams.

Susan continues to run faster as the man continues to say the words she has grown so familiar with but this time, with a dominating and bone chilling laughter.

The dark endless hallway she has been running through suddenly turns into a hall of fire as she continues to run with even more force.

The fires try to reach out to her as she moves past them. She also feels a very strange urge to reach out to them too.

’wow’ She utters to herself as she finally responds to the calling of the fires. Susan is amazed at herself as she plays with a fire in her hands.

For some reason, she is able to take the fire in her bare palms without been hurt.

For a moment, she seems to forget the man, too mesmerized by the fires to even care.

Fires are supposed to burn our skins when we touch them right?

But for Susan, she feels a great sense of relief, fulfillment and security as she touches and play with this dangerous element.

’Hey sweetie, you are alright. It is just a dream.’ She hears a faint voice say from a distance.

Susan should be delighted to hear the sweet voice calling to her, promising to pull her out of the torturous dream but this time, things are different. She has found something that intrigues her.

Wanting to spend more time with her new found friends, Susan ignores the voice of redemption.

’Come on darling, open your eyes.’ The voice reaches her again but this time around, more closer and vivid.

Even though she is reluctant to to open her eyes, her eyes seems to have a mind of their own as they flutter open.

’Mum?’ Susan says as she slowly sits on her bed.

’yes dear, you got me so scared with your screams of cries.’ Susan’s mother says worriedly.

’It is nothing mum, I think I ate too much and that is why I had this nightmare.’ Susan gives her mum her usual excuse which she is quite sure her mum is not going to buy this around.

’That is what you always say honey. I am so worried about how bad these dreams get each and every day.

I know something is bothering you and as I always say, take me as your best friend and feel free to tell me anything and everything.’ Mariam, Susan’s mother says sweetly to her, to which she nods her head positively.

After a little more conversation with her daughter, Mariam retires to her room to continue her sleep.


Introduction to characters.

  • Susan Parrish, female protagonists/ Black’s mate. There’s going to be a lot of her POV’s.

  • Jones Black[Abbadon], male protagonist. There maybe a considerable amount of POV’s in his name.

  • James Bills, Black’s right hand man. There may be little or no POV’s in his name.

  • Marigold Mills, Susan’s best friend/ James’ mate. There will be little or no POV’s in her name.
  • Mariam Parrish, Susan’s mum. There may be little or no POV’s in her name.

  • Jack MooreAsmodius], villain. Little or no POV’s in his name.

  • Solomon Parrish, Susan’s senior brother. No POV’s in his name.

Note; There maybe other characters too but these are my major characters whom I want to introduce for now.

Author’s note;

thank you for reading, thanks.

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