chapter 2.2

Susan’s POV

’ugh!’ I groan loudly as the most annoying sound on earth hit my ears.

I furiously smack down the devilish object sitting comfortably at my bedside.

And I very well know that I will have to get another alarm clock very soon.

’so, super Susan has once again destroyed another brand new clock. Eh?’ I say to myself, chuckling at my own actions.

Not only have I been having strange dreams since I entered my twenties. I have also acquired some sort of supernatural strength I never had.

For example, I have been changing alarm clocks each and every day and not to talk of the dozen door handles I have managed to spoil.

‘I think I definitely need an award for the most strongest woman alive.’ I say to myself as I share another quite laugh at my own joke.

My mum has been constantly asking me about the handles but hey, I always give her one of my so hard-to-believe excuses, which sounds even dumb to my own ears.

I know she do not believe them when I tell her but at least, I get to be spared of her endless rants.

‘OMG!’ The boss will be visiting today’ my boss will be visiting to day and here I am, still on my bed in my pajama, reminiscing on unnecessary things.

I check the massive clock in my room to see it is already thirty minutes passed seven.

So literally, I have only an hour and a thirty minutes to get ready.

My family owns a very successful business that deals in all kinds of products, fashion, transport and a whole lot you can think of.

My brother, Solomon has been the C.E.O of the companies ever since our dad died of brain tumor.

When I graduated from college, my mum and my brother suggested I work in the company.

They offered the position of deputy C.E.O but I turned it down.

I have always wanted to be a nurse all my life, since I was a child to when I became an adult, the only thing I have ever had a passion for is nursing.

My mother and brother been the best people in the world understood my vision and gave me a chance to do what I really enjoy doing and I appreciate their level of understanding and support.

The ringing of my phone snaps me out of my train of thoughts.

Without checking the caller ID, I already know it is no other than my best friend, Marigold.

I know better than to pick up her call so I immediately rush to the bathroom to take a quick shower.

I know she will be totally mad at me for not picking her calls since yesterday night but right now, all I want is to get to work before the arrival of the boss.


’ugh! Mum, are you sure you still remember my date of birth?’ I ask as she stares at me with a confused expression.

’Of course! How can I ever forget my princess ‘ birthday?’ my mother says with soft smile.

’If you actually know my birth date, then by now you should know that I am no more a little girl, so I expect you to stop treating me like one.’ I tell her with one of my rare serious expressions.

’You May think you are all grown up now but to me, you are still my little pumpkin.’ She says as she smirks. Ugh! This woman!

’Whatever mummy’ I say as I drink the last of my orange juice.

i decided to go to work and skip breakfast today but my mum being her usual self forced me to eat my breakfast.

My mum is in her late sixties but she looks like a forty year old, thanks to the quality skincare products she uses and the healthy lifestyle she has willed herself to adopt.

She is always treating me like a baby, I hate it but hey, apart from that, I really love my mum and my small family.

I go to put my plate in the sink. I do not bother to wash the them since mrs. Robinson offers to do it.

I do not have time to argue with her since I am already late, Thanks to my mum!

Mrs. Robinson is the head of the maids in the house.

Her job is to just supervise the others as they perform their duties.

She is a beautiful woman in her early fifties and she is just like a second mother to me.

I say my goodbyes to the women and leave the house.

‘Do not forget to eat lunch sweetie’. Mrs. Robinson shouts, just before I exit the main door.

’These women are seriously getting on my nerves with how they always treat me like a baby.’ I mumble to myself as I enter my black Range Rover, my baby.


’Why have you not been picking my calls?’ Marigold asks as we both change from our regular clothes into our work uniforms.

’I went on a date with Jack.’ I say with a really tired sigh.

Jack is a co-worker who has been trying to win my affection unsuccessfully for the past months.

’mmm, so our little virgin here is now ready to to..’ She says, drawing the last part.

’No! You know he has been pestering me for these past months so I decided to go on at least a date with him.’ I say with a boreand an uninterested tone.

’okay, if you say so. Come on let’s go, I hear the hottie will be here in no time’. Marigold says.

’Hottie?’ I ask, confusion lacing my features.

’Yeah, I heard some of the staffs who have seen the boss before say he is one handsome, sexy, fine ass and good looking man.’ Marigold says.

’bad girl’ I say, laughing at her dazed expression. almost instantly, we hear an announcement on the arrival of the boss.


we are all gathered in the grand hall of the hospital to welcome the boss.

After almost five minutes of waiting, a handsome , sexy, fine ass man with features of a Greek god enters.

For once, I will agree with Goldie. Yeah Goldie is a nickname I exclusively use to call Marigold.

looking at his drool worthy face and body, I am more than ready to give up my virginity.

His brown eyes though, are very cold, too cold that when he passed where I am standing and stared at me sharply, a shiver run down my spine.

’Good morning staffs, I would very much like to make this meeting a very short one’ The manager tells us.

‘For the new staffs who do not know the boss, this is mr. Jones Black, C.E.O of Mars private hospital, which you all know has branches all over the continent’. The manager says, addressing the fine piece of art beside him.

Mr. Black just waves at us, a light smile on his lips which makes my breath hitch.

I know I am sounding like a hopeless romantic right now but I can’t deny the attraction I feel towards this man.

‘Oh. My. God! He looks even more stunning with that smile’. Goldie says, twisting a strand of hair around her finger as she stares dreamingly at Mr. Black.

Mr. Black gives a brief speech after the manager’s.

’He has a look that can seduce any woman to his bed and I will not deny how gladly I would open my legs for him, if he should ask right now.’ Goldie says and for once, I can’t deny we both share the same thoughts.

After some more words, the manager dismisses us but just as I am about to move out the hall, the unexpected happens.

’Miss Parrish! In my office.’ A commanding cold masculine voice says and it echoes all through out the grand hall.

Author’s note;

Thank you for reading, stay safe.

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