chapter 4.4

Susan's pov

'Who is he to even try to suspect and accuse me?' I murmur angrily to myself. The guts of this man!

I mean, who in this world can be so arrogant? Of course, the all knowing mr.handsome face, no manners Jones black! 

'Ouch.. Fuck it!' I say, touching my nose from the pain I am feeling due to the hard wall I have just bumped into.

Ugh! Are people on a mission to make my morning a disaster today? 

These bloody beings cannot seem to be able to control themselves from infuriating me. 

 No one is blind in this hospital! so why does someone have to stand there for me to bump into him that way? Am I in any way invisible?

'What the hell? Are your eyes unable to see clearly?' I exclaim angrily, venting all my pent up anger on the blind stranger.

'Whoa calm down little kitten.. We do not want you turning red from all these anger inside of you, do we?' oh and that is the infamous Jack. 

Another annoying prick who can't seem to understand the words I am not interested. 

'Hey Jack' I say, nodding at him as I decide to move past him to the wards and checkup on the patients, not wanting to spend any more seconds with Jack, who will only end up making my day more bitter.

I know all the patients are doing really well and there are nurses taking care of the ones that needs assistance right now and that I am not really needed since I am an anesthesiologist and by far, my services are not really of need.

But who would not choose to be with some boring patients instead of being with the world's famous infuriating person? well, apart from the just discovered boss of assholes, Jones Black.

But as I decide to move past him, I think Jack is not anywhere near done yet as he holds my arm and pull me back to him.

I know this sounds absolutely crazy but I can sense a sexual appeal leak off Jack whenever I am around him. 

He has a sex and lust tension around him which I think I am the only person who feels it, since literally, I think I am the only weirdo here.

He also has an undeniable dark aura around him, a one equivalent to what mr. Black radiates.

Jack is undeniably handsome and hot but I just do not feel any attraction towards him. 

No matter how many times he tries to woo me, I will never have a place in my heart for him.

I have told him several times but I think he simply does not want to understand that I do not feel anything for him. 

I mean, he should be able to understand that emotions, especially love can never be forced.

Unlike Jack, I feel a strange attraction towards mr. Black

And when he earlier doubted me, I felt the urge to explain things to him, one thing I never do and also, I felt a sudden surge of anger when he suspected my actions, which I am still feeling right now. 

I am feeling like it is a must for him to fully trust me, that he should never think I will hurt him and I still do not know why I am feeling that way.

I can't deny I have a very strong crush on him though. 

Even though he is being a complete jerk to me, I can't look pass the intense attraction I feel towards him.

'What do you want Jack? I say in a duh tone. 

A hurt expression flashes in his eyes but disappears almost instantly as it comes.

'Why were you called by the C.E.O?' Jack asks me as if he It is a must for him to know.

'None of your business' I retort back angrily, already getting riled up.

'Yes it is sweetie' He says with the most annoying smirk on his lips.

'Then, why don't you go and figure it out yourself. Huh?' I say to him, raising a furious eyebrow.

'Because I am too lazy to find out myself plus I would like to figure it out personally from you, only you' he says, trying to touch my cheek but I immediately avoid it.

'Okay, Continue trying because I am not going to tell you anything' I say directly to his face. Ugh! what does this prick even think of himself? 

'Oh yes you will' he says sternly which even provokes me the more.

Whom does he think he is? My boyfriend or what? 

If he thinks he can control me, then he lies bad. 

No one can control my life and that fact does not exclude him. 

'Jack step the fuck aside and let me go' I tell him and I tell myself that, this is it! I have finally had enough of these assholes in this hell hole labeled as a hospital. 

'No! You will go nowhere till you give me the answer to the question I asked you' He tells me and at this moment, he is now sounding so stupid. 

Okay now, I am beginning to doubt if compared to Jack, Mr. Black is still the World's most famous pervert. 

Even though I know Jack is a very weird and annoying guy, I never thought him to be this creepy.

'Sweetie, it will do you good to tell me now or I will have to force you to....' like seriously? 

'No, you are not going to force anyone' Jack is just about to pull me when mr. Black's deep upset voice echoes in the hall. 

Phew! For once, I think I am thankful for Mr. Black's intrusion. 

At least, this can serve as a compensation for him being a total dick to me earlier this morning. 

'In my office mr. Moore' Mr. Black says bossily and then turns back, probably going to his office with an annoyed expression.

'We are not done yet kitten.' Jack says with a victorious grin. 

It is as if he has accomplished something great, which gets me really confused but I immediately dismiss it, thinking about the annoyed expression that mr. Black had when he saw me with Jack.

Why did he have that expression? Does he also like me?

You are so pathetic Susan... My inner voice mocks.

I do not mind her anyways, and continues to day dream about the possibility of mr. Black been in-love with me, whiles smiling as I decide to go look for my best friend and checkup on the patients later.

After all, they are all doing good and when they need me, they will definitely call for me.

So for now, ' mission-search-for-Marigold activated' I say to myself, still grinning at the thought that mr. Black may like me.


'Why are you here, Asmodeus?' A deep voice angrily asks.

'Do I need your permission to also be in the human world?' Another voice replies with amusement.

'Answer me!' The deep voice angrily roars.

'Okay, I am here because I want to be here' the mocking voice retorts.

'.. Why were you with my mate?' The deep voice continues to inquire.

' You mean, the mate you do not love?' The mocking voice says with an eyebrow raised.

'Ugh! Do not test my patience brother' The deep voice says, gritting his teeth menacingly.

'I do not care about your threat Abbadon, as a matter of fact, I met her before you did so she is mine and you do not even love her so what is your damn problem?....' The mocking voice does not get to complete his words as the other pushes him against a wall, choking him very hard.


'I will make her fall in love with me. She will hate you and I will make that hell of a curse lift from my shoulders' The mocking voice retorts, ripping the other's hands off his neck.

'Try me' The deep voice says directly to the others' face.

'We. Shall. See' The mocking voice says, but now with a hint of seriousness.

Author's not;

Thank you for reading, stay safe.

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