chapter 6.6

Jone’s POV 

'Noooo stop! Leave me alone.' I hear the screams so loud in my ears that it immediately wakes me from my sleep.

I look around my room, already on alert for any threats. 

I go on to survey my room to know where the sound came from or who exactly screamed but I do not see anyone which surprises me because I am more than certain that I heard a person scream.

'Please..' I hear a voice whisper again and this time, I remember that I am not alone in the room, I remember that I brought my mate home yesterday.

I look at her face, studying her to see what is really wrong with her. She is all soaked in sweat, it seems like she just had a long swim in a pool.

'Aaaaaaah.' My mate screams so loud at my face and I have to move back a bit to prevent her from throwing any unwelcomed liquid on my face. I would not want any thing nasty on my face in the middle of the night, atleast that is what it would be if were to be in the human realm.

'Why the fuck are you shouting in the middle of the night? Is it not enough that you have already disturbed my sleep with your annoying screams from your sleep?' I tell her with the most intimidating voice I can come up with.

'Why are you asking me that question? Am I not the one who is supposed to ask you that question?.' She asks and I stare at her face like she is the most dumbest person on earth.

How can she even say that when she is the one who was screaming?

'I am the one who is supposed to ask you the question because you are actually the crazy person here, who screams in the middle of the night.' I retort back at her with a firm and intimidating voice but she seems to not have any of it

'Aaaaah.' Susan screams again and this time, I feel like I should just push her off the bed, I feel like I should just hang her head against the wall so that her mind gets to waken up and start to work.

‘What is really wrong with you dumb-head? If it is normal for you to wakeup at midnight and make unnecessary noise in your house and your realm, here it is different so stop before I do something you would not like.’ I tell her angrily. This girl is really something.

‘And please do not shout like that in my face again, I would not want saliva all over my face at this time of the night.’ I add and this time, she looks at me like she wants to murder me right this moment.

‘You are telling me to not shout? What would you have done if you wakeup one day in the middle of the night and you are not in your room but you rather find yourself in some crazy woman’s bedroom?’ She rambles on angrily, her chest going up and down.

‘I would just ask the crazy woman what happened the other day which made me so unaware of myself to even know I am being taken to someone’s house and did you just describe me as a crazy man?’ I tell her and she just smirks. Probably proud of herself for calling me a crazy man.

‘Okay I think you have a point. Why the fuck am I in your damn room at this time of the day mr.? And yes, I think you are really crazy for abducting me but do not worry I can forgive such a fine face for this small mistake.’ She says all the words in one breath and I just stare at her with a smirk on my lips.

‘Oops, did I just call you a fine face?’ she asks and I almost bust out in a fit of laughter at the expresssion on her face.

‘Yes, you called me both crazy and handsome at the same time.’ I say teasingly to her.

 In fact, I do not even know why I am being this nice towards her.

Hey buddy, remember that all mates are bad news! Get a grip on yourself! My conscience rebukes me and I can’t agree more. 

The last thing I want is to get entangled with some powerless human.

‘Whatever. So I am asking again, why the fuck am I in your room?’ She asks again, literally shouting in my face.

‘Is this the attitude you give someone for dragging your drunk ass from a club to the safety of a home?’ I ask her with a blank face.

She has been shouting a lot and I think she has had enough of my tolerance, it is about time I teach her proper manners.

‘Oh fuck where is Marigold? Did you bring her too?’ She asks all the questions at once.

‘Marigold is also in this realm and yes she is in good hands.’ I tell her curtly.

‘I am thankful that you decided to get me out of the party because God only knows what would have happened if you had not done that.’ She says, her voice suddenly sweet but I just ignore her tone and get myself prepared to give her some good scolding.

‘Oh so you really know what could happen to a drunk beautiful girl at a party and you still went ahead to booze like that?’ I ask her with a raised eyebrow.

‘Hey did you just call me beautiful? You think I am beautiful huh?’ She asks playfully but I only meet her with a stoic face.

‘I do not have time for your childish talks. Now, tell me why you were so drank at the party?’ I ask her with my dominating tone.

‘What? Did you just say that? You are being down right rude right now and I demand some respect when you are talking to me.’ She says with her chin and chest raised, which gives me a clear view of her cleavage.

 I thing she wants to seem intimidating with that position. And God, why am I even thinking about her cleavage?

‘Answer my question and quit playing around.’ I say to her, making it clear that I do not want to play any childish games.

‘Fine, whatever. I am not going to answer your question though.’ She says, squaring her shoulders proudly.

‘And why is that?’ I ask her, already loosing my cool.

She is so infuriating, already jumping on my nerves on her first day here.

‘I will not tell you because I do not have to tell you.’ She says in a nonchalant tone.

‘You have to tell me.’ I say in my commanding voice, indirectly telling her to tell me whatever I want to know but she seems not bothered by my voice.

‘Whatever, suit yourself. Hey, you did well for dragging my drunk self from the party but how did you know we were even at the party and why did you have to bring me to your house?’ She asks seriously, completely switching from her earlier bubbly mood.

‘First of all, you are my mate and I can track you from anywhere to know your exact location and about bringing you here, I decided to bring you here because this is where you need to be.’ I tell her and she just stares at my face as if I am the most craziest person in the world.

‘What are you talking about? You have been talking really strange and I must tell you it is not funny. For example, you describe your house as a realm and now, you are telling me we are mates, like you mean soulmates?’ She asks me, drop dead serious now.

‘Yes we are soulmates and I am not joking around. We are no more in the human realm or should I say, the human world. You are in the darkest abyss of the universe, where all demons and lost souls are.’ I tell her but she just bust out laughing at me like I am some sort of crazy funny person.

‘Oh you nearly got me with that serious face but hey, quit the jokes and drive me home. We did nothing right?’ She says and asks the last part with a horrified expression on her face.

‘I am not joking human, be serious. And no we did not do anything. I would never touch you against your will.’ I tell her point blank.

‘Thank you for being a gentleman. But you mean to tell me that we somehow teleported from the human realm, as you call it to where we are now?’ She asks unbelievably.

‘Yes, exactly. We are now in the demon world. Your friend too is here.’ I tell her.

‘I do not believe demons exist but how you are saying it makes me want to believe you so why don’t you show me something for me to know that you are really telling me the truth?’ She says and for once, I think I agree with her.

‘So you want to see something huh?’ I ask her and she nods with a very serious expression on her face.

‘Okay, then why don’t you go and open the windows for some evidence?’ I ask her with a challenging tone. I do not even finish my words before I find her already beside the windows.

If she wants to see something then she definitely would.

 She opens the windows and close them again at once.

‘Wow, this place is umm, fascinating. Rainbow clouds, foggy and a very dark atmosphere with out-of-the-world beings is surely something nice.’ She says sarcastically.

‘Stop sugar coating it, Do not be so sarcastic about it. I know here is not nice at all but this is your new home so get acquainted with it.’ I tell her as a matter of fact.

‘Noo, I am not being sarcastic at all your world is really fascinating. I mean, the rainbow clouds are just so nice, they shine even at night?’ She asks, truly interested in the realm.

‘Yes the clouds is the only thing that illuminates this realm. If you think it is amazing, then why did you close the windows so abruptly?’ I ask her.

‘I closed the windows because it seemed all so new to me and the creatures here are kind of different.’ She says innocently. I can’t believe I am having this nice talk with her.

 I am supposed to hate her right?

‘Yes, those creatures are the demons and the lost and rejected souls.’ I explain things more clearly for the understanding of her human mind.

‘So you are the king of these creatures? You rule over them?’ She ask with wide eyes.

‘What makes you think I am the king here?’ I ask her, cocking my head to the side to get a clear view of her face.

 Her face is illuminated by the lit candles in my room. Here, we mostly use fire, there are no electricity here.

 I use a bit of the technologies from the human world though. With my powers, I can create and use my own internet here.

‘Oh come on, it is quite obvious. I discovered all the houses here are kind of small but can see that yours is huge, so I put two and two together.’ She says, so proud of herself like she has won some sort of prestigious prize.

 She is kind of smart.

‘Yes, I am the king and ruler of this realm. I make sure to balance things between heaven, hell and this realm.’ I continue to explain and I do not even know why I am doing it.

 I mean, I would not even care if she feels uncomfortable here or if she does not understand a thing about this realm but I find myself wanting to explain and make her understand everything.

‘Oh yeah. I thought Lucifer is the king of all demons? At least, that is what we humans believe.’ She says with a clueless expression on her face.

‘Yeah, you humans are just ignorant. Lucifer is the king of hell.’ I tell her.

‘Hey, you do not have to talk that bad about us you know? And hey, if Lucifer is the king of hell, then he is supposed to rule over the demons and lost souls right?’ She ask, clearly interested in this topic.

‘Lucifer rules over the souls and demons whose fates are already determined. God our father is the one who has to decide where a soul goes. If he condemns a soul to eternal destruction, then it goes to hell and if he deems a soul pure, he sends it to heaven but those souls whose fate are not decided yet are sent to the abyss, they are the lost souls.’ I explain more to her.

‘So what happens to these lost souls and why is their fate not decided.’ She asks and even though I want to shut her up, I find myself answering.

‘These souls are souls who are neither pure nor dark, so they are sent here to live another life and if they manage to live a better life here, they go to heaven, if they get corrupted, they are condemned to hell and if they make no changes, they remain here forever.’ I tell her.

‘And how do they do good here? I mean, there is no reason to sin here right?’ She asks again. She is such an inquisitive person.

‘Everyday, a task is given to them. Sometimes, Lucifer comes here to test them like how he tested Eve.

 A soul who continues to stand by the will of God gets to have a good point in the book of life but a soul who falls for the charms of Lucifer or the other demons looses a point and if that soul does not get back on the good path, then it shall be condemned to hell.

You may see this realm as different but all sins of the human realm can also be committed here the only difference is, it is souls without bodies who lives here.’ I tell her and she nods with a very amazed look.

‘Wow, I think I am going to be an author when I get home. This is really some juicy stuff to talk about. I find this world really fascinating but please I think it is time for me to go so why don’t you bring Marigold so that we can go home as soon as possible.’ She says and I just stare at her like she is the most dumbest person in the world.

‘So you still do not get it? You can’t go away once you are here. Even if you manage to get out of here, no one will remember you. All your existence has been wiped from the human realm, no one will remember you even existed.’ I tell her and she stares at me with wide eyes and an opened mouth.

WHAT!’ She exclaims and before I realize, she is already on the floor, unconscious.

Author’s note;

Thank you for reading, stay safe.

Mcheidi J. Aniston

hello there, thank you very much for reading my book. Go on to read, don't stop and I promise you will find it worth your time. Stay safe!!

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