chapter 7.7

Third Person's POV

‘Hey, wakeup. Hey!’ Jones exclaims helplessly. He is not one to take care of girls more often.

‘What did you do to my friend? Oh poor Susan, aah God what have you done with her? screams Marigold, who had come with her mate, James to check up on her best-friend but she came to find her unconscious.

 Marigold has been shouting at Jones, accusing him of scaring her friend to have made her passed out like that.

‘Woman, shut up alright?’ Jones roars at her but she continues to rain accusations on him which infuriates him to the highest level.

‘James do not just stand there. Can you not train your toy well? These stupid humans are so worthless.’ Jones says angrily, already seeing red.

‘Hey! Who do you think you are? You are calling us worthless? We may be worthless but it is way bet

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