chapter 8.8

Susan’s POV

Jones leaves the room to go and get me some human food to eat and when he leaves the room, I find myself enveloped deeply with the strong desire to return home.

With the little space I get, I find all sense of cautions leave me as I walk to the massive window.

 I know it is not safe out there, I know it will be more sensible for me to stay indoors but I can’t seem to find the strength to shut out the strong part of my brain that is telling me to find every ways and means to get out this realm

Finally, I succumb to the desires and without thinking about anything, without thinking about my best-friend, I just jump out through the window, throwing myself to the abyss, the nothingness.

I am welcomed with complete silence and eerie voices surrounds me as I wait to reach the bottom. 

However, my fall does not happen as I hear the fla

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