chapter 12.12

Susan’s POV 

‘Mmm a human mate, I see.' A very creepy looking man says as he comes closer to where me and Abbadon are standing, staring at me with calculating eyes.

I never thought that it would be easy but this man exudes a very bad energy that is keeping me on edge.

Abbadon strokes my lower back, trying to calm me down in his own way.

I have to be strong and show these demons that I am not in the least intimidated by them, of course, I am very much not comfortable been in a room full of demons, I mean I am intimidated by them but I do not need to let them see.

‘Ooh, Abbadon the destroyer, I can see you have found yourself a beautiful toy.’ The creepy man says and I can clearly sense Abbadon go stiff. Abbadon clearly does not like this creepy man, I mean, there is nothing there to like about him.

‘Hey, would you

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