Chapter 13.13

Abbadon's POV

Hey, I know you are upset and you need some time to yourself but I want you to know that everything I did, I did it as a helpless demon king who knew nothing else to do but that.

I want you to take all the time you want but please do not give up on me, give me a chance to correct this.' I tell Susan as I take a hold of her arm to stop her from walking past me, waving my hands between us to make my point more clear.

'Okay, I can't get rid of you if even if I want to do that, I mean, it is not like I want to get rid of you but you know, I mean I do not have anywhere to go and our souls are literally tied together by nature so..' Susan says as she pushes a strand of hair behind her ear.

'Hey, I understand. As I said, you can take all the time you want.

What I am asking  of you is that, do not think of giving up on me and about throwing yourself to hell, trust me, yo

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