chapter 16.16

Jones POV

'Aaah' Susan shouts immediately she sees my face and I do not even know why.

I can see she has a thing for screams.

'And why are you shouting?' I ask her, staring at her with a raised eyebrow.

'Nothing. I just did not expect to see you here.' She says as she nervously tucks a strand of hair behind her ears.

'You look like you still do not want to be in the same place with me. Do you want me to give you more time?' I ask her as I stare straight in her eyes.

'Oh no, no, I was actually coming to see you. It is just that I am not sure if you heard my talk with James and Marigold, since you know, you can hear whatever I say or whatever I am thinking.' She says as she shifts her weight from her right leg to her left leg.

'No, I would never do that with a serious situation as this. 

You said you want space

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