Chapter 17.17

Jones(Abbadon )POV

‘Hey.’ I say as Susan slowly starts to open her eyes.

‘Hey, good morning.’ She says as she stretches and lets out a tired yawn.

‘I stare at her face with a slight smile on my lips and I think the events of what we did some moments ago starts to play itself in her mind as she pulls the duvet in an attempt to hide her face but I stop her.

‘Are you really going to get shy right now?’ I ask her as I turn her to face me.

‘Mmmm.. no?’ She says, more like questioning me.

‘You do not need to get shy about anything.’ I tell her as I plant a chaste kiss on her lips.

‘I made them cook some breakfast for you. 

I figured you might be famished after using almost all of your energy.’ I tell her as I brush a strand of her behind her ears.

I stare at her now sli

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