Chapter 25.25

Susan's POV

I do not think I will ever get used to surprises in this realm.

One moment, my mate gives me a partial mark which I find out can kill me and the next moment, I find out that someone who has been pestering me to date him in the human realm is actually a demon and more surprisingly, the brother of my soul mate.

And as if all those are not enough, I am now also hearing about me been some fucking savior.

'So how can you identify the souls who are up for a test?' I make up my mind to just put aside everything for now since Abbadon has already promised to tell me whatever I want to know later and decide to ask Lucifer a question which quite confuses me.

'That is one of my gifts sweetheart.

I can identify them by just looking at them.' Lucifer tells me and I nod but I am still a bit confused about certain things.

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