Chapter 27.27

Susan’s POV 

‘Okay, enough of the thank you's Let's start 

with what we came here to do. 

I do not want to keep Mammon waiting.' Lucifer says as we all let out chuckles.

‘Yeah I will agree with you on that brother.’ Abbadon says as he circles my waist with his arm.

‘Guys, where do you think Asmodeus might have vanished to?’ James asks all of a sudden which brings my attention back to Asmodeus and his words before he departed.

‘I think he must have ran away.’ Abbadon says hastily as if he is trying to get us to stop talking about his evil brother.

‘You know that is not true Abbadon.

Now that he sees that he has a chance of getting what he has always wanted, Asmodeus will not rest until his last breath.’ Lucifer says seriously.

‘Could you be any more pessimistic?’ Abbadon asks Lucifer.

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