chapter 28. 28

Susan’s POV.

‘Father?’ I say astonishingly as I stare at my father who is standing in in-front of me in all his naked glory.

I can’t believe I am seeing my father after all these years and most importantly, he is about to be cast to hell.

As I already said, I am never going to get used to surprises here.

My father whom I have believed all my life to be a good man, a man whom I believed to be happily in heaven watching over me had been in this realm or these years, trying to get resolutions to his earthly doings and what is shocking right now is that he has been found guilty of more sins than good.

‘This man is your father?’ Lucifer asks with sheer amazement.

‘Yes and I never expected to find him here.’ I say as I keep eye contact with my father who has been staring at me with wide eyes all these while.


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