2 - Chapter 08


I am drowning in the blurry, dark water. But I try to stay afloat. My feet kick the water, unable to push me up. My arms flail around helplessly.

Water fills my lungs, slowly, inch by inch. I can feel the burn in my body intensifying as I feel my body beginning to give up.

‘ You have to win. If you fail, you die. ’ A cold whisper and then I am out of water, gasping desperately for air.

I gasp and sit up instantly. My wild eyes move around the white room, trying to recall what has happened.

Moving around, my eyes pause on the man sitting on the chair beside me. His face is placed in his palm, his elbow supported on the chair’s arm. His eyes are closed, his breathing even and his hair tousled.

I gulp, seeing him sitting there and gradually everything hits my mind.

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