2 - Chapter 15


When I get home, I go straight to her room.

“ Please. Can you check again? I am sure he was there. ” Her agitated voice falls on my ears.

I sigh, stepping inside and taking in the scene before me. Madison is pacing back and forth while Ava is standing in the corner shooting her weirded out looks.

“ What’s wrong? ” I question, announcing my arrival.

“ Hayes. ” Madison stops pacing and runs to me.

Her hand wraps around my wrist, pulling me in forcefully.

“ I — I saw him again. He was outside the main gate. He waved at me. ” She stutters.

I peer into her wide eyes. I know who she must be talking about even before having her tell me.

I glance at Ava, signalling her to leave the room silently.

“ Why is she leaving? Send her to check once more. ” Madison leaps forth, trying to stop Ava.

I grip her wrist and tug her back. Ava goes out of the room and doesn’t forget to close the door on her way.

“ I went to the garden. I — I was standing close to the door and I suddenly heard the same w
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