2 — Chapter 16


I wake up to find Hayes lying beside me on the bed, his arm draped over my naked stomach and his face pressed into the pillow.

My heart beat quickens when the events of yesterday night start playing before my eyes like a movie.

He took me wildly. Against the wall. On the bed.

It was almost morning when, after multiple orgasms, he let me go and fell asleep beside me.

I never knew he had it in him to go on for so long. The only downside of it was that, we exchanged no words. Just the touch and the burn of the intimacy was all we had between us the whole night.

I breathe in and realise I stink of his cum by now.

It’s oddly satisfying when it’s supposed to be gross.

He still loves me. He doesn’t hate me. The thought is overwhelming.

I turn to him and stare at his side profile. His hair are all disheveled. My hand reaches out to the messy puddle of hair. I run my fingers along them and comb them back.

“ What are you doing? ” His hoarse voice makes me stop and pull my hand back.

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