Chapter 09


My shift ended early today. I heard from my Boss Liam that Madison asked him to let me go early. I was thankful. Too Indebted to her.

As I walked on the silent streets in the middle of the night, I raised my head and looked at the moon shining brightly between the stars.

It mermerised me as I exhaled heavily forgetting about the world around me. I forgot that I was Alice Anderson. I forgot that I was almost raped just now.

But I was bound to remember it after a moment. Memories never leave you. They keep haunting you. Until you die.

Looking down at my feet, I thought that it would be better if I never tried to forget. I was chained to the ground, Reaching moon was not possible.

I walked and walked until I was standing in front of the hospital once again.

It was a place that I hated.

And it was the place where I belonged.

Sighing, I forced myself to keep walking, ignoring the disgusted
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Comments (3)
goodnovel comment avatar
Eleni Simadopoulos
What sort of hospital is that, no way does an operation cost millions of dollars, can we make the story a little believable.
goodnovel comment avatar
Rebel Peni
Bullshit! That hospital is running a scam! They didn’t even do shit and they keep asking for more money without contracts and agreements!
goodnovel comment avatar
Bridie Bee
The request for diamonds is too much

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