Chapter 11


“ I didn't know you could do this too Kitten. You never fail to grab my attention. ” His voice was the same velvety harsh whisper that managed to send shivers down my spine and his touch still burned my skin with a type of fire that I unconsciously wanted to possess.

This time...All my strength was truly gone. My knees were weak and my heart was beating in my throat. What was he doing here?

I was suddenly conscious of everything. His hot breaths hitting my ear. His surprisingly warm thumb slowly making imaginary shapes on my elbow. His warmth that was seeping through my back.

“ Wh-What are you doing here? ” I whispered doubting that my broken voice even reached his ears.

“ I came to see. ” His reply came shortly making my breath hitch. Sweat started coating my body. If I stayed like this, I was surely going to faint.

Stepping forth, I felt his hands slipping away from my arms leaving my skin prone to coldne
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