Chapter 12


Slowly, he grabbed my hips. His fingers dug in my flesh making me hiss in pain. He might not be lying with that ' Fuck you hard ' thing.

Hearing me hiss, he did not loosen up his hold at all. He did not care about me. I did not care about him either.

Then slowly, his right hand left my hips and slid down to touch my clit slowly which made me want to moan. I clenched my hands into fists to not let him know how it really felt.

His touch was electrifying. Whenever he touched me or was even close to me it felt like I was burning in fire and drowning in freezing cold water at the same time. I could never decide which feeling was more intense.

With no words exchanged, he slid two of his fingers inside me. The forcefully held moan finally escaping my lips along with a hiss.

And now he could know that I unwantedly wanted him too. Bodies never lied. Mine did not lie either. I was wet. With ju
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