Chapter 13


I saw as Alice fell down hitting her head hard on the floor. She mumbled something inaudible when her eyes lost their focus on me and rolled back.

Still standing on my spot, my eyes moved to the man standing in front of me just a few steps away. He rushed to get to Alice who was lying unconscious on the floor.

What a tragic sight!

They both were fools. I still watched silently as that Archer sat down on his knees beside her unconscious figure and patted her face a little. Expressions of worry could be seen clearly on his face.

Shaking my head, I finally stepped forth and Archer's eyes shot up to meet mine.

“ Step back. I will take her with me. ” I hissed and Archer stared at me for a moment before standing up. He glared at me hard with his observing green eyes which made me realize something. He was assuming that I was the one who was with Alice these days. What a shitty thought!

Sneering in my mind
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Told ya he was behind that 10 million bullshit. I really hate that how rich people think they can do what ever they want… and nobody is there to stop them cause no one wants on their bad side!
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emmanuella abou moussa

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