Chapter 7. Those are dark rumors, Professor (II)

October 16th, 2016, after having Maghrib prayer, Frans went to the first person of Faculty of Economy and Finance located in Batu, not far from the City Square. Wearing office uniform with a black jacket, Frans drove his old car. He put his backpack with a laptop inside on the car seat behind him. Forty minutes later, Frans arrived at Professor Sari's house, ten minutes left to the meeting he agreed on with the Dean. 

"Let's come in, sir," said Professor Sari after opened the gate and saw Frans who got out from his car.

Professor Sari asked the young journalist to her private office on the second floor. Frans followed the dean's direction, there are a few memories picture of the Dean with her deceased husband as they went upstairs.

"Don't be surprised by the photos earlier. Those are our memories before he died from an accident 3 years ago" said Professor Sari.

Both of them entered the room with a round table between two wooden chairs.

"You have a lot of collections here," said Frans tried to be friendly.

"I like to collect and read books" answers Professor Sari.

"My purpose of meeting you today is that I want to know further about the dark rumors about waste of university students orientation's funds last year that is publicly known happened in Siupala University," said Frans.

"If I am not mistaken, media, where you work, have reported the case although that report has no end to it," asked Professor Sari. 

"That's right, and now we want it to be thoroughly reported" answered Frans.

"That's a good plan, sir. But, I am pessimist that the actors behind the case would be processed by law" complained Professor Sari. 

"How is that possible, ma'am?" asked Frans. 

From the dialogue they had, it was conveyed that indeed the waste of new university students' orientation's funds was a true event, not just a hoax from the rector and committees. 

"Mr. Helmi, Dean of Faculty of Law, and I initiated the demonstration that demanded the rector report the use of last year's new students orientation funds transparently. But, we lost in that fight at that time" said Professor Sari.

"Lost? what do you mean by saying lost?" asked Frans. 

"Senate keep receiving the accountability report from that activity and didn't find any waste of the funds' use. In fact, evidence has already been founded before the annual meeting" complained Professor Sari. 

"Wow, as far as you know, how much is the embezzlement funds in that activity?" asked Frans.

"It's not beyond a billion rupiah but indeed it still university's funds. It's the money from students' parents that they earned by working very hard. It can be said that the money isn't be used to its allotment" explained Professor Sari. 

"How much are the total funds for that activity? What is the nominal spent on that activity? So that you can claim that it was embezzled." asked Frans while looking for further information.

“The budgeted funds for new students orientation in 2015 is seven-hundreds million rupiahs. The orientation only spent four-hundreds and sixty-eight million rupiahs, there was still two-hundreds and thirty-two that is just gone” said professor Sari. 

“Wait Prof, how much was the total amount of new students' orientation funds spent for it based on the accountability report?” asked Frans.

“It’s still written seven-hundreds million rupiahs, isn’t it crazy?” answered Professor Sari.

“Unbelievable, Prof. Do you have any strong evidence regarding the embezzled funds?” asked Frans while looking for further information.

“I have that, sir. Let me take the documents that can be used as evidence” said Professor Sari.

Professor Sari took several documents which she neatly kept in the filing cabinets in her private office. She gave them to Frans who had been interviewing her about the case.

“Event proposal, an accountability report, documentation of the event, and all of the financial transactions are here. Although all of the documents here are copied because the original one is kept by the rector, you can keep them as a study material of this case” said Professor Sari. 

“I am really thankful for you ma’am, it can be our basis for further investigation of this case,” said Frans, happily.

“Yes, sir. Please keep those documents and this interview confidential for a while because if they find out, my career and my own safety will be at stake” said Professor Sari.

“What do you mean by them, ma’am?” asked Frans.

“The actors who might be the masterminds of this case, sir. I hope you can reveal who they are and may God protect you always and your team also” answered Professor Sari.

“Fine then, Prof. I will keep these documents and bring them to the office for now,” said Frans.

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