Chapter 8. For The Sake of Truth (I)


The sound of cabinet door scraping was heard inside the chief editor's office. That night, the editorial office of Campus News was very quiet. 

Frans and Pablo locked the cabinet's door to make sure that the documents from Professor Sari were safe from anything unwanted.

"Frans, what date is tomorrow?" Pablo asked.

"October 17th, 2016" answered Frans.

"Hmm. How about tomorrow we have a discussion with Eriska?" asked Pablo.

"Eriska, is she our newspaper editor right? What for?" said Frans.

"That's right. I want to ask his opinion about the embezzled funds at Siupala University, whether this case can become the headline of our newspaper," said Pablo.

"That's a good idea. After this, I'll call him when I'm at home," said Frans.

"Good, Frans. Let's go home then," said Pablo.

Both of them walked towards the parking lot and went in their own cars. Frans felt relieved tonight because he could finally interview Professor Sari and he got documents as evidence of the case. 15 minutes later, he arrived at his house. After he arrived, he called Eriska after he had his night prayer. Eriska answered the phone after the third call he made. 

"Hello. Assalamu'alaikum. Is there anything I can do?" asked Eriska.

"Wa'alaikumsalam. Miss Eriska, sorry to disturb you in the evening like this," said Frans.

"That's okay. I also haven't slept yet. I usually slept at 10 p.m," said Eriska, softly.

"I just wanted to say something about the plans at the office tomorrow," said Frans.

"Hmm. What is it about?" Asked Eriska, curious.

"Look. Earlier, I interviewed Professor Sari from Siupala University to find out the information about the new student orientation in 2015 radio news," said Frans.

"The case that we raised as the topic of the report in our newspaper? was it when Mr. Sofyan was still in the Chief Editor, is that right, Mas?" Eriska asked.

"Yes, that's right. Pablo will bring up that topic again in our newspaper. Therefore, Mas Pablo wants to talk to us, tomorrow," said Frans.

"Okay, I can. Anything else you want to tell me?" Eriska asked.

"Nothing. Thank you," said Frans.

"You're welcome," said Eriska, not long after closing the conversation.

On the next day, October 16th, 2016, on the same day when Dirman accompanied his son who was being treated in Surabaya, Frans was so enthusiastic about leaving for office this morning. He went from his house at 7 a.m even the working hours only started at 8 a.m. He always goes early because he doesn't want to get traffic jams on the highway to the office. Sure enough, he already arrived at the office at 7.20 a.m. Nando greeted him as he got out of the car.

"Frans, just like always you come earlier than the other employees," said Nando, security officer in the office.

"does Pablo already come, sir," asked Frans.

"Not yet mas, only you who came so early like this," said Nando. 

"It's unusual, Pablo usually comes earlier than me," thought him with himself.

Frans entered the office and placed his right-hand index finger to the fingerprint, a digital attendance for the employees. After that, he sat in his cubicle. A few minutes later, there was an incoming call to his cellphone from Pablo.

"Hello Frans, are you already in the office?" asked Pablo.

"Yes, I am already at the office. Why?" said Frans

"I am absent from the office today because I want to do a health check at the clinic. The talk with Eriska can be postponed for tomorrow morning in my room" said Pablo.

"Fine, get well soon then. At what time the talk will be held then?" asked Frans.

"9.15 a.m, Frans. Please tell Eriska that the meeting is postponed, okay?" said Pablo

"Yes, I will" answered Frans.

============ **** =============

"Assalamualaikum, Prof. Sorry to disturb your time," said Herman to Professor Sari.

"Waallaikumsalam, Mr Herman. Please sit down" replied Professor Sari.

Herman, 32 years old, is a master's student in economics who is also the students' chief executive in 2016 at Siupala University. A position that made him one of the 75 members of the Siupala University Senate, the highest forum on the campus where one of the authorities was to carry out the Siupala University Rector Election for the period of 2017-2021.

"How is the situation about the Rector Election Committee?" Asked Professor Sari.

"The condition is getting tougher, Prof because Professor Mirza's supporters are starting to gather up. Moreover, tomorrow is the last day of taking the registration form for the Chief Executive of the Rector Election Committee. From our side, I have not seen someone who volunteered as Chief Executive," explained Herman.

"Hmm. How about we nominate Professor Cokro as the chief executive?" said Professor Sari.

"Professor Cokro who became the Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, ma'am?" said Herman.

"That's right. What do you think Mr. Hermann?" said Professor Sari.

"Aren't he and his staff supporters of Rector Mirza, ma'am?" Herman said.

"That's true. So far, the Dean of the Faculty of Engineering is known to be loyal in supporting the Rector's policies," replied Professor Sari.

"Then why do you want to propose him as the chief executive, ma'am?" Herman asked.

"Recently, they are disappointed with Professor Mirza's policy of choosing the Faculty of Mathematics and Technology to host the Student Sports Olympiad for our campus next year," said Professor Sari.

"Hmm. Aren't the sports facilities owned by the Engineering Faculty is better than the Faculty of Mathematics and Technology, Prof?" Herman asked.

"Yes. I can't stop thinking about that. I think this is a good moment to make the Faculty of Engineering support us. Moreover, the tension between the Rectorate and them got heated a few days ago," said Professor Sari.

"What's the cause, Prof?" Herman asked.

"The Mechanical Engineering students held a demonstration in front of the Rectorate Building. They demanded the Rector to thoroughly investigate the case of funds misused for new student orientation activities in 2015. The demonstration ended in chaos, some of the windows in the Rectorate Building were broken," said Professor Sari.

"Hmm. It would be great if we managed to partner with Prof. Cokro," said Herman.

"Yes, that's right. By cooperating with Professor Cokro, 5 Vice Deans of the Faculty of Engineering have a great opportunity to support our Rector Candidates," said Professor Sari.

"Hmm. As far as I know, Pak Cokro is also close with the Dean of Medical Faculty, ma'am. Not bad if we can win over the votes of Medical faculty who used to support Rector Mirza in the previous election," said Herman.

"Then, please meet Mr. Cokro at the Faculty of Engineering, Mr. Herman," said Professor Sari.

"Ready, Prof. Today is still October 17 and hopefully there will be a candidate for Chief Executive from our side tomorrow," said Mr. Herman.

"Aamiin, sir," responded Professor Sari.

============ **** =============

It's 10 a.m in the morning in Room A1, Building A, Faculty of Engineering. Professor Cokro, Professor of Mechanical Engineering, started teaching for the Basic Physics course, which was for first semester students of the Mechanical Engineering Department.

"Assalamu'alaikum. Good morning. Introduce me, I am Professor Cokro who is a lecturer for this class. Before the lecture begins, we will pray first based on our own religions and beliefs. Pray, start," said Professor Cokro.

The prayer session lasted for 138 seconds. After that, Professor Cokro began to open a presentation page on his laptop, which was connected to the projector and LCD in the room.

While explaining the lecture material orally, Professor Cokro wrote physics formulas on the blackboard, while interacting with his students.

"Anyone know what this formula is?" He asked.

Most of the students in the room were confused, only a few understood. However, no one has yet dared to raise their hand to answer the Dean's question.

"Come on. Does anyone know what this formula means? How come no one knows? You are engineering students, you must know about it," said Professor Cokro, pointing his index finger at the formula.

F = m x a

Still no one dared raise a hand to answer Professor Cokro's question. Until the knocking sound on the door was heard, Professor Cokro opened the door and left the room.

"Excuse me, Prof. Sorry to disturb your class. There is a guest in front of your room. The guest said that there is an important matter to be stated," explained Dinda, his personal assistant.

"Who is he, Dind?" asked Professor Cokro.

"Mr. Herman, Prof. One of the member of the University Senate," replied Dinda.

"Ooo. Please ask Mr. Herman to wait for a while in my room. I want to give assignments to my students first so that I can meet him afterward," explained Professor Cokro.

"Fine, Prof." Dinda replied, briefly.

Professor Cokro returned to Room A1, continued to briefly explain the lecture material.

"Mr. Herman, does he come to see me? Isn't he from a group that opposes Rector Mirza? What's the point behind this?" He asked in his mind.

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