Chapter 11. Dualism in The University (I)


The middle-aged man was still sitting in front of Deno. At this time, he tried lighting a cigarette that Deno had offered him.

"Creekk..Creekk..Crekkk", the sound of a match that lit a cigarette that was pushed between the two sides of the man's lips. The talk continued.

"Then, you must immediately persuade our rector candidate, Prof. Mirza! So that he can be the rector for one more period. If Mr. Mirza loses, we are finished," said the man.

"Fine, sir. I'll meet Prof. Ida at the Faculty of Mathematics and Technology tomorrow," said Deno.

"Good idea. She's still the dean of the faculty, right?" asked the man.

"Still, Sir. Prof. Ida has been respected by the other faculty’s dean who supported Mr. Mirza in the 2014 rector election," explained Deno.

"That's right. We have to maintain our solidity, Deno," said the man.

"Yes, sir. Moreover, the son-in-law of Mr. Mirza, Dirman, serves as Deputy Dean 5 at the Faculty of Mathematics an

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