Chapter 14. Dualism in The University (IV)

At 10.15 AM, Deno and Dirman left Professor Ida's office. Both of them headed to the senate secretariat of Siupala University, which was located on the 7th floor of the rectorate building.

The senate committee of Siupala University consisted of 12 deans (officials who lead a faculty in higher education), 60 deputy deans, and 3 representatives from students so that the total senate members were 75 people.

All members of the senate have the right to elect the chairman of the rector election committee and also a rector (a person who leads universities). In addition, the senate also has strategic authority mainly to supervise the rector and the rector's representatives in carrying out their duties and also awarding academic degrees to students.

Therefore, the Senate of Siupala University is always a place for political elites to fight in the Science University. Now, Dirman had immersed himself in a tough political battle.

Dirman and Deno kept walking, passing

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