The Lost Luna
The Lost Luna
Author: Taylor West


I watched as they danced together, Alpha Erik with his large muscly body wrapped around hers, caging her from the world. They only had eyes for each other, completely oblivious to everyone that looked on. Her bright hair cascaded down her back in beautiful red curls, she had hair like no other wolf around. The Luna's mark on her collarbone stood out like someone had branded her milky white skin and letting everyone know who she belonged too.

At this very moment it was like everyone had forgotten the type of wolf she was, a vengeful, brutal and sadistic one who liked to torture her prey, I had never come across another wolf like it and she knew it. The only regret she has is how she accidentally killed her parents. The story has changed many times but one thing stayed the same, she lost control and shredded them with her claws before using her teeth to rip out their throats as they screamed for mercy.

Some would say these two were made for each other as Alpha Erik was also known for his blood shed and you don't get to be one of the biggest packs by taking it easy on others. I cant lie, he is a good Alpha and gives everyone a fair hearing but you would not want to be caught out or be on the wrong side of him.

Erik met his Luna on his eighteenth birthday, which came as quite a shock too many of us as the majority of the pack and others assumed it was that weak blonde wolf, but come to think of it she never bared his mark.

Laughter errupted from the Luna as Alpha Erik swung her around the dance floor, it was a joyous occasion after all they were celebrating their fourth wedding anniversary and the Luna's 21st birthday. The couple had married a year into their relationship and shortly after Erik took over from his father as the Alpha of this pack at the young age of twenty-three.

Alpha Erik had been one of the youngest Alpha's in a long time, many would not take their place as an Alpha until their early thirties, but it was definitely the right time. Erik's father was becoming weaker due to his age and was unable to fight like he use too.

In the last few years since the takeover, there has been a lot of changes, not just in this pack but worldwide. Supernatural factions co-exhisted to a point and there were no longer any humans in the world and guarding of the packs ground's had relaxed even more so tonight when everyone was at the party.

The Luna and the Alpha had come matching tonight, her in a pale blue shirt and dark blue skinny jeans and completed with a pair of sneakers that matched her hair, she never was one for fashion and particularly hated dresses. Alpha Erik in a royal blue buttondown and blue jeans and a pair of brown shoes to complete his outfit. At least he had brushed and styled his usual messy blonde hair.

I continued to watch from my corner of the room, making sure to stay in the shadows and observe everyone, I couldn't risk being caught now, not when i was so close. I looked at the huge clock hanging on the wall quarter to ten, perfect just over an hour to go.

I had spent the last few days spying on the couple but also taking note of the security surrounding the pack. They had a lot of land including part of the forest. What surprised me the most was they had their own restaurants, vets, libraries essentially they had created their own town in the middle of nowhere obviously all run my werewolves but I am possitive i caught the scent of a Fae in the cafe i was sat in.

With the heavy beat of the music, words exchanged were almost impossible to hear but i could see that the Luna was signalling that she wanted a drink. Alpha Erik headed to the bar that had been setup whilst Luna headed towards a group of women. I edged around the room, still sticking to the shadows. I wanted to hear what they were saying.

Somewhere in the distance a loud alarm comes to life, Alpha Erik orders everyone to leave the building and that he needed to check for a fire. This was my chance, it was now or never. I waited for everyone to make their way out and caught a glimpse of the Luna stumbling out a side door. This was going to be easy. Creeping up behind her, i made sure that no one could see me and jabbed her in the arm with a needle. The needle contained a mixture of wolfsbane to keep her wolf out the way and some unusual herbs so she would pass out before she had a chance to make a noise.

Her body dropped to the damp grass, calling out to Mother Nature, i place my hand over her heart and we transport into a cave on the other side of the forest over looking the beach, far  away from Alpha Erik's pack line. I was going to make it impossible for him to find his true love.

As the Luna laid on the damp ground i began to wrap silver shackles around her wrists and ankles, this was going to be as painful as possible without death. It was the least she deserved after what she did.

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